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ING Bank: Cao, periodic consultation and pension

November 24 2020

This newsletter focuses on collective bargaining, periodic consultations and pension.


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CLA negotiations

Tuesday, November 17, 2020, we discussed the theme Time. A division has been made into three categories. The first is the time available for personal development and well-being. Nice that the facilities are there, but can I use them? The second has to do with the proposals from collective labor agreement parties such as sabbatical leave, the pilot unlimited leave and mourning leave. The third category concerns the reduction of working hours with constant pay. How we deal with time (pressure) and control space in production environments and in staff functions is also included in the discussions on the Time theme.

In the discussion of time- and place-independent working, a presentation was given about a system of pay-per-use in commuter traffic with a mobility pass / app. In the app you register whether you have a working day from home or whether you are traveling and how you do this. ING currently pays the travel costs untaxed, but the tax authorities will no longer allow this from 1 January 2021. The home working facilities were also discussed. These are all matters that are currently not in the collective labor agreement, but must be arranged quickly. After all, employees really want a good home-working facility and know how their commute to work as of January is going. A serious option is not to do this in the CLA but to arrange it outside the CLA. We will have a follow-up discussion about this on 24 November and I expect a decision on it.

Periodic consultations

On November 19, the trade unions held a brief periodic meeting with ING. On the agenda was the latest state of affairs regarding Linda Pruissen's collective labor agreement pilot for unknown talent. Anushka Autar and Mariët Nieuwenhuizen presented us with the figures on the inflow and outflow of Mobility. Furthermore, Mathy van Lanen of Performance & Reward informed us about the development of one global job architecture within ING with the aim of working worldwide with the same standard reference positions. The current Job Career Framework (JCF) is being updated on job families, job grades, job profiles and reference jobs. Employees are assigned a new reference job. ING made it clear that it does not mean that the salary scales are adjusted or that this is a means of saving costs. Finally, we asked for further explanation about the preventive mobile declaration of the people of the center of expertise agile coaching. The information about this reorganization has been promised to us by HR.


As was to be expected, the low interest rates mean that the funding ratio is too low to index the pension in 2021. The current interest rate also makes the cost of your pension accrual so high that the pension premium of 31,5% for 2021 is insufficient to finance the intended accrual of 1,784%. More information about, among other things, the funding ratio, indexation and the accrual discount can be found on the website of the ING CDC fund at


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