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December 06 2022

De Unie and the employers in the ICK Industry are not yet coming closer together during the negotiations. The employers indicate that they have too little room to further expand the wage offer. The employers believe that they have a good offer on the table with a collective wage increase of 3%. They believe that employees should also take responsibility in this special economic situation. They find the question of the vakbondand, namely, retention of purchasing power for the employees, an absurd demand for wages.

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With an inflation of 14,3% over a year measured from October 2022, a small helping hand from the government in the field of energy costs and a wage offer of 3% from employers, the majority of the responsibility for inflation lies with the employees. That means a significant decline in purchasing power compared to last year.

What does this wage offer do to the members of De Unie?

Employer should not tell the story of the vakbondand hear, but the story of the employees in the ICK Industry itself. That is why we want to ask these employees what this wage offer does to them. Based on the stories of these employees from the ICK Industry, a white paper is made that is presented to the employers. The vakbondand hope to give them a push to come up with a better wage offer. If you believe that your employer is making a good wage offer, we would of course also like to know that.

Will you join us?

If you want to let us know what the wage offer means to you, fill in
before December 13, 2022 the joint research for the wage offer. Also share this message with your colleagues who are not members, every employee who works in the ICK Industry can fill this in.

Process progress

On December 13, we will renegotiate with the employer.
There will be an online members meeting on December 15 at 19:30 PM, where everyone is welcome. Click here to join the meeting.


If you have any questions about the ICK collective labor agreement, or your individual situation in the workplace, you can always email Mandy Raaijmakers, the representative at



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