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Holland Casino: Collective Labor Agreement proposals

May 03, 2022

The collective labor agreement will soon expire. De Unie has prepared a number of collective labor agreement proposals in consultation with executives. Now your opinion is also asked about the collective labor agreement proposals.

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We note that the purchasing power of our members is under pressure due to the high inflation. We propose to raise wages by the Consumer Price Index (CPI), which objectively reflects inflation. We also want to discuss an additional structural salary increase with Holland Casino.

Generation pact
De Unie wants to talk to Holland Casino about making the Generation Pact more attractive. We are prepared to investigate this in a working group to see how this can be achieved with the aim of implementing any changes in the next collective labor agreement.

Sustainable Employability Budget
We note that little use is made of this attractive arrangement. We suggest to pay more attention to it. We propose to extend the savings option to 5 years. And check with Holland Casino whether it is possible to withdraw the training savings earlier than the maximum savings amount has been reached.

Increase in travel costs
We note that transport costs have risen considerably. We propose to equate the kilometer allowance for commuting with that for business trips, ie 25 cents per kilometre. We also want to extend the commuting distance to 70 kilometres. We want to make purchasing an (expensive) electric bicycle for commuting more attractive.

New Generation
We note that it is difficult to hire or retain young people. In consultation with Holland Casino, we want to see how our employment conditions can be adapted to the new generation. Work-life balance and flexibility bonus are examples of what De Unie want to see it worked out.

Informal care scan
We want to have an external investigation carried out within Holland Casino into how informal care is dealt with. Everyone thinks care is important. Policy changes can be made on the basis of this research.

Right to be unavailable
In anticipation of possible national legislation, we would like to agree now that employees also have the right to be unreachable outside working hours.

Discussions are currently taking place about rosters. We want to present the results to the members. If this should lead to a CLA change, this will be an interim CLA change in view of the planning.

We are in favor of a 1-year collective labor agreement.


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