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Heineken: progress on collective labor agreement negotiations

November 06 2023

The collective labor agreement negotiations are in full swing. Unfortunately, it has not yet been possible to reach an agreement De Unie / MHP Heineken there is still a long way to go. We understand that there is a lot of uncertainty about the collective labor agreement negotiations, which is why we would like to briefly and concisely present the state of affairs up to and including today. 



What is it about?

Most important is that De Unie / MHP Heineken wants to agree on a wage increase for the new collective labor agreement to be concluded, including inflation adjustment and improvement in purchasing power. To date, Heineken has not complied with this. At the start of the negotiations, Heineken offered a structural increase of 5% and a one-off gross payment of €750. This has still not been adjusted by Heineken and the original wage offer is therefore maintained. It needs no further explanation that this offer does not meet our principles.

Wage group 20 – 25
Heineken wants to introduce the Middle Management Reward Policy (MMRP) for employees in salary groups 20 and 25, but indicates that it is conditional that this group of employees will no longer fall under the collective labor agreement. Heineken wants to agree on an employment conditions scheme with the Works Council for this group of employees.

This means that employees within these wage groups lose all legal security offered by the collective labor agreement. This not only concerns security in terms of income and structural wage increases, but also all other collective labor agreement topics. Heineken wants this because it wants to agree on 'market-based employment conditions' for this group of employees. There is no answer to the question why people do not want this in a collective labor agreement, but via an employment conditions scheme.

Heineken also indicates that current employees have a one-time choice; or accept the MMRP and are therefore no longer covered by the collective labor agreement. Or simply continue to fall under the collective labor agreement and therefore not opt ​​for the MMRP. New employees and employees who are promoted to pay group 20-25 do not have this choice.

De Unie / MHP Heineken is strongly opposed to removing employees in wage groups 20-25 from the collective labor agreement. The 'why' question has not been answered and the consequences for employees are major. During the negotiations on November 7, we will continue to focus on maintaining wage groups 20-25 in the collective labor agreement. If Heineken wants to introduce the MMRP for this group of employees, this is also possible within a collective labor agreement. This could be the current collective labor agreement, but also a new collective labor agreement to be concluded for this group of employees

How further

Are you one of the employees within wage groups 20-25? Then we are very curious about your opinion about the proposal. Let us know by sending an email that will of course be treated confidentially to Sjerp Holterman (advocate) via After the consultation on November 7, we will inform you again about the progress of the negotiations.

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