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Heineken: Start collective labor agreement consultation

October 14, 2021

The collective labor agreement discussions for the new collective labor agreements started on Tuesday 12 October. It kicked off with an introduction by Magne Setnes (Chief Supply Chain Officer Heineken International), in which he sketched a global picture of the past period and looked to the future with his concerns about the rapidly rising costs of raw materials, energy and logistics and emphasized the high wage costs in the Netherlands. Subsequently, the parties, including Heineken, each explained their own collective labor agreement proposals in more detail.

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Also this time have De Unie and MHP Heineken, in the context of their close cooperation, decided to work together again. On behalf of De Unie and MHP Heineken, we submitted one proposal letter, based on the results of the DigiC survey.

The results of these studies are in the eyes of De Unie and the MHP Heineken are still relevant, all the more so because a number of important conclusions in the latest collective labor agreements have not (yet) been translated into the employment conditions package. The results of these studies therefore form the basis for the proposals as formulated in our joint proposal letter. Click here for our proposal letter.

The proposals consist of a central part and a specific part. The central part contains topics that we want to agree centrally within Heineken. The specific part deals with the topics that we want to agree specifically for the entity in question. For the HNS collective labor agreement, the specific agreements are the same as the central agreements.

We have not yet negotiated the content. On Monday 25 October, the consultations will continue on the central topics.

Our negotiation team has a number of new faces and now consists of Sjerp Holterman on behalf of De Unie and MHP, Theo Slof, chairman MHP Heineken, the members René van de Ven and Janine Plaizier of De Unie and August Bekkers and Boudewijn Koster of the MHP Heineken.


If you have any questions, you can contact the representative Sjerp Holterman via e-mail address or call 06-5252 2030.




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