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Heineken - Cao update

January 27 2020

Heineken's collective labor agreement negotiations have started. Tuesday, January 14, Heineken Netherlands, De Unie, MHP Heineken and the other unions had the first consultation on a new collective labor agreement. We have agreed to go to two collective labor agreements. In the past period, Heineken held talks with employees and we have the results of the survey. With a response rate of 67%, there is broad support and the results thereof are the input for the collective labor agreement consultations.

The proposal letter of De Unie and is MHP-Heineken here to read.

The trade unions explained their proposals during the consultation. Heineken subsequently provided a business update. Subsequently, Heineken responded in full to what was on the table. So Heineken's proposals have also been included in the response.

A selection of what is on the table:

  • The towage scheme will be extended for another year (up to and including 2020).
  • The 60-80-100 scheme for shift workers is being encouraged
  • Saving leave (the option of saving up to 60 weeks of leave from the age of 100) will be developed for everyone.
  • A new appreciation for shift workers (this proposal was later revised by Heineken, but the impact is not yet fully understood).
  • Existing employment agreements will be extended.
  • BBLers will also receive a salary for the day they go to school.
  • For HNS, the employability budget (1x per 3 years € 750) will be expanded to include sports facilities. This is under certain conditions.
  • The employability budget for Heineken Commerce will be increased to € 750 per year, which can only be used for learning and development (in your own time).
  • Introducing a flexible budget system in 2021 (more freedom of choice for employees for the use of leave or disposable income and control over the times of availability. For example, no more holiday pay in May, but budget available per month).
  • Making special leave more personal: instead of writing out all rights in the collective labor agreement, paid leave will be granted by the manager in consultation with the employee. This concerns, for example, a move, marriage, registered partnership or death. Without precisely describing the rights (and therefore also when there is no right to them).
  • Introduction of 8 weeks of unpaid 'welfare leave'.
  • Renewal of the 'sharing in success' agreements (payment of a maximum of € 500 per year).
  • A step in your scale on January 1 instead of July 1. (One-time benefit that you make a step in your scale after 6 months instead of 12 months).
  • The proposed salary increase:
    * As of 1-1-20: 2%
    * As of 1-1-21: 2% Apart from this, all parties want to extend the SBR. Heineken's proposal is to do this within 1,5 years.

    How further

    The intention is to have a short negotiation process. A lot of homework has already been done through all the discussions with employees, the survey and the working groups in advance. That is why the intention is to use January 30 to arrive at a joint result. As far as we are concerned, that is also possible. It is clear that Heineken listens to its employees. In terms of content, we see a lot of the wishes of the employees. We will still have to find each other on the salary section. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know via: or via 06-5252 2036.


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