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No new collective labor agreement at HTC

April 07, 2021

De Unie again held collective bargaining consultations with HTC on 8 March 2021. This consultation did not last long. Your employer came up with an extremely proposal of 0,8% structural salary increase. This is less than the inflation correction and clearly less than what comparable companies pay for this collective labor agreement period. A one-off payment is promised, but this will only be paid out if HTC performs well above the budget for 2021.

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We believe that this does not do justice to HTC employees. The occupational health and safety services operate in a difficult market. But HTC has realized the budget in 2020, De Unie therefore assumes that 2020 has been a financially successful year. Obviously, we have to take into account the circumstances in which HTC finds itself. But we now see no reason to expect less from HTC than the collective bargaining result that we are able to achieve with our competitors. Your employer's proposal is something De Unie is not good enough to conclude a collective labor agreement.

For the time being it has been decided to temporarily suspend the negotiations. HTC will increase salaries by 0,8% from 1 January 2021. In addition, HTC will grant you a temporary home working allowance of € 30. Naturally, we do not want to withhold this from employees. HTC proposes to hold collective bargaining again in September 2021. Your employer then wants to discuss a collective labor agreement that will take effect on 1 January 2022. This is legally possible because the current collective labor agreement will continue. In doing so, they indicate that 2021 is a lost year for the development of employment conditions. Your employer emphasizes that the collective labor agreement negotiations in the autumn will have a serious and constructive character. This intention appears to be genuine.

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