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Beverage industry: an update on the collective labor agreement, study and pension

May 11, 2022

Interest representative, Emanuel Geurts, informs you in this message about the new collective labor agreement booklet Beverage industry 2022, a seminar en retirement.

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Cao Drink

start this Year do i have you informed about the get by of new dog Beverage industry 2022. The texts of the new collective labor agreement are ready. The text of the new collective labor agreement booklet is: here te read.

Study meeting

Tuesday May 31, 2022 to have Commitment partners a collective labor agreement study meeting op location at wine importer en wine producer LFE in Maartendijk† On the agenda stand for two subjects, namely scope en job evaluation† We to go onderzoeken how we do the scope of the collective agreement can not be purchased clarify WITHOUT de frames of scope to fit. Thereby moeten us too pay attention on the coherence with for example the pension scheme the yourself also a definition of scope heeft† Best one technically en legally chore. The others topic is the take of level descriptions of job groups V and VI of the GDH addendum. As soon this meeting is been, receive you again one membership letter from me with MORE information.


The Cabinet heeft recent new pension legislation known made. The trade union federation VCP (around De Union at is plugged in) heeft one first reaction op given. The new law fills de earlier pension law on with concrete effects of the two pension contracts. The bill is later this Year treated in the 2nd and then 1e Room with the intention to the law on 1 2023 in te businesses to go. Trade unions, employers and the overheid to have a website made om information te give at employee en employers over retirement. I can everything find about the legislative process, beide pension contracts en asked questions en reply op

Are you curious to your current pension contribution free for 2022? Then you can MORE information find through the website of the pension fund† If you asked questions have over your retirement, then you can this questions through the help desk


If you are using asked questions have over this newsletter and/or you want me to speak, then I'm too to achieve via 06-52522074 or  Do you have a individual casus of need at (legally) advice, neem please contact our Service Center via sc@unie.nlof telephone via 0345-851963.




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