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The collective labor agreement negotiations are coming!

18 September 2023

Negotiations for the new Retail-Non-Food collective labor agreement will start soon. You probably want to know everything about that? After all, the collective labor agreement contains all the important agreements about your work, such as wages and wage developments, leave, holidays, schedules, allowances and much more.

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CLA negotiations

De Unie is an important party in the industry, because we agree on your collective labor agreement together with the employer parties. Members of De Unie have the opportunity before the negotiations to say what they consider important for the new collective labor agreement. Negotiator Victor Kloos bundles the proposals and takes them to employers. Once negotiations are completed, our members will have the opportunity to vote on the outcome. If they vote in favor, the new collective labor agreement will become a fact. If they vote against, our negotiator will return to the employers.

Becoming a member of De Unie

If you join now De Unie, we will keep you informed of all developments during the entire negotiation period. And you can participate immediately! If you become a light member for free, we will also keep you informed, but you cannot vote or submit proposals. How do you participate?

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