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Contract catering: Everything January 2023

January 25 2023

In this message I inform you about the collective labor agreements, pension, RVU and the employee survey.

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Collective labor agreements

There are three collective labor agreements in force in the sector, namely the Contract Catering Collective Labor Agreement, the RVU Collective Labor Agreement and the Funds Collective Labor Agreement. The Collective Labor Agreement for Contract Catering regulates the employment conditions for employees in contract catering, hospitality and inflight. The RVU CLA regulates the (employment) conditions surrounding the Early Retirement Scheme (RVU) in contract catering. The third CLA in the sector is the Funds CLA. This collective labor agreement regulates the collection of the funds required to enable work in the contract catering foundations, such as the Stichting Fonds Bevordering Labor Relations Contractcatering (FBA), the Trade Council for the Contract Catering Industry (Vakraad) and the Foundation for Training Contract Catering (OCC). The collective labor agreement texts of the three collective labor agreements have been reported to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment to be declared generally binding for the sector.


From 2e The House of Representatives voted in favor of the new pension law in December 2022. Now it's up to 1e Chamber to give their opinion on it. On January 17, 2023, they began considering the law. You can find more about this at

Social partners in the hotel and catering industry and contract catering are discussing a new pension scheme. On Tuesday, January 24, 2023, we discussed the positive effects of transferring existing pension rights to the new pension scheme. In short, you can say that the group of employees experiencing the disadvantage of the introduction of a new pension system (on average from 45 years and older) is falling sharply, and so is the compensation issue per age category.

The survivor's pension was also discussed. The parties want to arrange this, but also look at the costs and benefits. At the moment it is still on a voluntary basis, but soon this could become mandatory in a basic variant for both sectors. The premium distribution would then be based on a 50%-50% basis, just as with the premium for the old-age pension. Before the next meeting on Friday 10 March, a few options for this arrangement will be worked out and discussed further.


Since the start of the Early Retirement Scheme (RVU) in April 2021, 341 employees have applied for the RVU. After a check on the conditions and required documents, 2022 applications for the RVU have been approved up to and including December 160. There are two applications that are only waiting for a signed employer's statement for the final grant. On the website find more information about the RVU.

Employee survey

In the run-up to the Catering Congress on Monday, April 17, 2023, the social partners want to conduct an employee survey. The results of the research will be explained to those present at the congress. We are still working on the preparations, but in February the questionnaire will be distributed through all employers in the sector and through the trade unions. To be continued.


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