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Contract catering: Pension and RVU

March 20 2023

In this message we inform you about the developments in the field of pension and RVU.

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The 2nd Chamber voted in favor of the new pension law in December 2022 and in January 2023 the 1st Chamber started considering the law. And they do, as it turns out. They invite experts to get information and have already formulated more than a thousand questions about the pension law. The questions range from fundamental to practical and very detailed. The senators have asked Minister Schouten to reply within four weeks. You can find out more about the whole process at

De Unie recently informed its members about pension developments. You will find the given presentation here. For the broader context, it is better to watch the entire meeting via this link.

Social partners in the hotel and catering industry and contract catering are discussing a new pension scheme. After various discussions, we have formulated a number of provisional principles:

  • The new scheme is based on the solidarity contract and is at least equivalent to the current scheme and, where possible, better (in terms of median replacement rates).
  • Payments to pensioners can be nominally protected from year to year as much as possible. Pensioners have little or no opportunity to anticipate a fall in income.
  • Pension premium is intended for the personal pension capital. The solidarity reserve is formed from excess returns and is used to protect the benefits to pension beneficiaries in nominal terms as much as possible. This means that the solidarity reserve can be limited in size.
  • Keeping pension technology such as allocation rules and project returns and pension administration simple through the use of the payroll tax return chain.
  • Incorporation is generally in the interest of the participants and the new pension system with incorporation means that hardly any compensation is required, but where it chafes to compensate its participants.
  • Lifting the borrowing restriction is not appropriate for a fund with many (young) transients.
  • There is a fundamentally positive attitude towards the inclusion of a survivor's pension in the new scheme. The contribution for this comes on top of the 16,8% that is now available for retirement pension.
  • Maximum pensionable salary and offset are equal to the current scheme.
  • Waiver of premium in the event of disability remains only for those entitled to IVA.
  • The size of the solidarity reserve is a maximum of 5% and there is an annual filling from excess returns. There is a 2% initial deposit and the investment policy is in accordance with the fund's collective investment policy.
  • Protection micro longevity for everyone 100%.

On 10 March 2023, we discussed the various scenarios that could still arise due to low and high interest rates and the effects on the funding ratio. What is the effect of a higher accrual percentage on the compensation for the abolition of the average premium and the question of whether we want to make the compensation all at once or spread it over time. Of course there is something to be said for both, so it will be continued. The next meeting is scheduled for April 25, 2023.


Since the start of the Early Retirement Scheme (RVU) in April 2021, 358 employees have applied for the RVU. After a check on the conditions and required documents, 2023 applications for the RVU have been approved up to and including February 165. There are six applications that are only waiting for a signed employer's statement before the final grant can be made
take place. Since 2023, we keep track of the basis on which we cannot approve an application. There were 7 rejections for reasons such as too short an application period, too long an application period, does not meet years of service criteria, does not meet age criteria and the employer is not FBA registered. On the website find more information about the RVU.


If you want to respond to this message or want to get in touch, please contact representative Emanuel Geurts on 06-5252 2074 or via For individual advice you can contact the Service Center department via 0345-851 963, via email or the chat function We are happy to help you!

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