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Contract catering, hospitality and inflight: An update on collective labor agreements, pensions and RVU

June 21, 2024

This message focuses on the new collective labor agreement, consultation with the pension fund and the RVU.

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Unlike previous collective labor agreement negotiations, the drafting committee has completed the texts of the new collective labor agreement after two meetings. The collective labor agreement parties have learned from the previous time and made clearer collective labor agreements. If all goes well, we can send the new collective labor agreement to the members in July.

Consultation pension fund

The social partners meet with the hospitality and catering pension fund three times a year to discuss the state of affairs. The agenda on Monday, June 17, 2024 included the financial position of the fund and the setting up of the new pension scheme as of January 1, 2025. The fund is in good shape. New participants have been added as of January 1, 2024, due to the mandatory pension accrual from the age of 18 and older. The coverage ratio was 137% in May and is expected to remain good. The fund has taken measures to build in certainty towards the transition date.

The new pension scheme has been submitted to DNB for assessment. This is a difficult process and the fund is now waiting for DNB's decision to be allowed to implement the new scheme as of January 1, 2025. The fund is already preparing for communication about this to employers and participants.

Do you want to know the status of your pension? Then look up for your pension matters.


The Early Retirement Scheme (RVU) started in April 2021. Since the start, 516 employees have applied. After a check on the conditions and required documents, 2024 applications for the RVU have been approved up to and including May 242. There are still four applications that are awaiting a signed employer's statement for final approval. The collective labor agreement parties have decided to extend the RVU scheme again until December 31, 2025. Do you want to stop working earlier? Do you fall under the contract catering collective labor agreement and are you no more than 36 months before your state pension date? Then you can apply for an RVU benefit. The benefit duration of the RVU is a maximum of 36 months and there is no minimum duration. Would you like to know more about the RVU? Then take a look at the website


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