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Contract catering, hospitality and inflight; an update

July 07, 2023

In this message we inform you about everything and anything: pension, the RVU, the catering congress, OCC research, inflight consultations and the collective labor agreement are discussed.

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At the end of May 2023, the Senate also voted in favor of the new pension law. This means that the Future Pensions Act (WTP) will formally enter into force on 1 July 2023. More information can be found at Social partners in the hotel and catering industry and contract catering have been discussing a new pension scheme for some time now. We expect to be able to report more about this in a few weeks.


Since the start of the Early Retirement Scheme (RVU) in April 2021, 416 employees have applied for the RVU. After a check on the conditions and the required documents, 2023 applications for the RVU have been approved up to and including June 185. There are nine applications that are only waiting for a signed employer's statement for final approval. On the website contains more information about the RVU.


On April 17, 2023, the Catering and hospitality conference: on track together. During the conference, there was a lot of discussion about how the sector should develop further in terms of employment conditions, but topics such as image, development and training and communication between the shop floor and management also played a central role. Broadly speaking, it has become apparent that the bond and involvement between employers and employees must be improved. This will have to happen through more open communication, seeing and understanding each other. The input collected during the congress will be further elaborated and used by the social partners in the collective labor agreement negotiations later this year.

Research OCC

The OCC has commissioned the Markteffect agency to conduct research into the awareness, experiences and needs of the companies for OCC training courses. That investigation has now been completed. Some of the conclusions from the report are that awareness and use of the OCC's training offer is low and does not appear to be in line with future wishes and needs in the areas of sustainability, hospitality and leadership. An in-depth study will follow and then we will get to work with the results and conclusions.

Inflight consultation

On Tuesday, July 4, 2023, there was a consultation with HR directors Dionne Vorst of KCS and Carmen Rodriguez of Gate Gourmet. Both have been working for the inflight companies for several months. In addition to the introduction, the topics covered were current affairs at KCS and Gate Gourmet, the labor market, collective labor agreement negotiations, the role and operation of the trade unions, in-flight consultations and the in-flight meeting to be organized at Schiphol after the summer period.


A message has been received from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment that the terms and conditions of employment have been declared generally binding. The decision has also been published in the Government Gazette. There will be an interim adjustment to the salary scales as of 1 July 2023 in connection with the adjustment of the statutory minimum wage.


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