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Contract catering, hospitality and inflight: a new update

June 07, 2022

With this newsletter inform I you about what Affairs around de new collective agreement, de reviews about a new pension plan en a few amendments on the area of Working Conditions.

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The beginning of May are de January agreement gone with the negotiation result and is there talk of a new collective agreement. The new collective agreement is built up from three parts:

  • Share A applies for current collaborator that already falls onder the collective labor agreement Contract catering.
  • Share B – collective labor agreement Hospitality – focuses herself op new Staff members en Staff members that now mainly fall onder the collective labor agreement Hotels and Restaurants, maar whereby this employer herself connect at the new collective labor agreement Hospitality. beside is this part of application op Staff members its general before choose about to steps of part A to part B.
  • Part of the collective agreement stay also the inflight employees† In the collective agreement there is a own part about this included because of different circumstances en activities.

De made appointments Worden processed in a new collective labor agreement text. As soon de Text is established, this is sent digitally to the members. The new dog is then reported At the ministerie of Social Affairs en Employment opportunities en general binding explained. The wage tables for 1 April 2022 are already yes available and lots of others collective labor agreement matters on the website of the stichting Contract catering.


In de previous membership letter did i tell you about the pension legislation en pensions informed† On 2 June 2022 to have employers en trade unions in the hospitality and catering for de second keer consultation lined about it too choose new pension contract† We to have going on of a comparison spoken about the differences en similarities between the two pension contracts. All parties appear a provisional preference for the solidary contract to to have. The pension fund gives we are next keer (Tuesday 14 June) numerically and insight in what this for de pension plan en Attendees would mean. And to go us too deeper in on the operation solidarity reserve and the enter existing pensions.

Working Conditions

De Health & Safety Catalogue physical tax is fully review and again Topical† the minsistence of Social Affairs & Employment opportunities heeft here approval at granted. All about the Health & Safety Catalogue can you how we can help your on the website.

Every employer is obligated to a Risk Inventory en Evaluation (RI&E) out feed en thereby a plan of approach on to questions. When de employer Make use of of a recognized RI&E instrument and less than 25 employees in service areand need de employer de executed RI&E did not te businesses tests by a working conditions service of occupational health expert. Social partners to have private om not extension to asked questions for de Erkenning from the Industry RI&E instrument. That stands for that this instrument did not longer is maintain. Employers can not be purchased useto make of the RI&E tool of the own working conditions service or from a ander recognized RI&E instrument. More about the RI&E is too how we can help your on the website


If you want react op this newsletter or want to get in touch to have about a collective matter, then you can contact the representative, Emanuel Geurts, to achieve via 06-52522074 or via Ordered before individually advice can you contact us with the colleagues department Service Center via 0345-851 963, via email or for chat function op



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