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Contract catering, hospitality and inflight: The results of the vote on the collective labor agreement are known!

May 16, 2024

In this message we inform you about the outcome of the votes on the new collective labor agreement for contract catering, hospitality and inflight that the trade unions and employers recently concluded.

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Voting result

The voting period on the negotiation result ran until Monday, May 13, 2024. The conclusion is that the members of De Unie have agreed to the new collective labor agreement.

Some comments made by members are that there was actually a preference for a shorter term. The background to this is that the past two-year collective labor agreement period turned out unfavorable for employees in terms of inflation and purchasing power. Another comment concerned the first ten kilometers of travel expenses, which are not reimbursed.

The supporters of the other trade unions and employers' organizations also agree, so there is now a broadly supported agreement on the new collective labor agreement.


Now that approval has been given, the salary increase can be arranged as soon as possible with retroactive effect to April 1. The collective labor agreement parties will start working on the textual changes and as soon as the text of the new collective labor agreement is ready, it will be sent to the members.


If you would like to respond to this message or would like to be contacted about a collective case, you can contact the representative Emanuel Geurts on 06-5252 2074 or via For individual advice, you can contact the Service Center department on 0345-851 963, by e-mail or the chat function

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