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Contract catering: hospitality and inflight

November 23 2023

This message focuses on foundations, work stress, RVU, inflight, collective labor agreement negotiations and the annual discussions and the catering conference. In short, a bit of everything.

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As of January 1, 2024, there will be a new structure for the contract catering foundations. The Trade Council and OCC will be dissolved and the activities of those foundations will be formally carried out by the FBA foundation, but with the working title of the Trade Council. There will be two committees under the board. These are the finance committee and education committee. Finally, there is the Labor Market and Employment consultation where the members of the negotiating delegations of employers and employees meet periodically.


Since the start of the Early Retirement Scheme (RVU) in April 2021, 445 employees have applied for the RVU. After a check on the conditions and required documents, 2023 applications for the RVU have been approved until October 205. There are still five applications that are only awaiting a signed employer's statement for final approval. On the website find more information about the RVU.


On Tuesday, October 31, 2023, the trade unions had another inflight meeting with Veneca and HR director Dionne Vorst of KCS. Union executive Jan Zuidhoek of KCS was also present. We discussed the possible topics for the agenda of the inflight negotiations. Issues for inflight companies were also discussed, such as the tightness on the labor market, shrinkage of Schiphol and flights, KCS new construction plans and the effects on the quality and quantity of personnel, a separate status for inflight within the catering collective labor agreement.

Furthermore, on Thursday, November 9, 2023, together with two directors of FNV Catering, we were introduced to Dirk Kuhnemund as the new CEO of Gate Gourmet. A pleasant conversation followed about his person and appointment, about the work of trade unions, developments in inflight and at Gate Gourmet, the labor market and the art of motivating staff. We also received a comprehensive tour of the Gate Gourmet building. The entire process was discussed from the arrival of the raw materials, the preparation to the departure of full carts and the return again by airline.

Work stress

In the Netherlands, 1,3 million workers suffer from burnout complaints and long-term absenteeism. More than 30% of employees drop out due to stress. The biggest causes are psychological complaints. High time for some tips against (work) stress that you can work on yourself:

  • Do a breathing exercise. Within a few minutes it regulates your nervous system and you will notice a difference. Exercises can be found on YouTube and/or Spotify.
  • Go for a walk during your lunch break. Because you walk outdoors, your brain receives an impulse that inhibits the negative mood in your brain. In addition, walking is healthy for you for many other reasons.
  • Nutrition matters a lot because your intestines are not called your second brain for nothing. Among other things, they produce dopamine, also known as happiness hormones. These in turn influence your mood, memory and focus. Therefore, avoid too much coffee, sugars and alcohol, but above all eat more vegetables and continue to drink plenty of water.
  • Positive thoughts lead to less stress. Take a moment to reflect on the past week. What went well? What successes have been achieved? What are you grateful for? Pay attention to it.

You can also talk to your colleagues and manager during work meetings and/or get in touch with employee participation and/or with HR. Don't get stuck with it!

Assessment and planning conversations

By the end of the year, employers and employees are preparing to look back on 2023 and look ahead to 2024. Before the assessment interview, De Unie have listed a few things for you. See above After the assessment meeting, the planning meeting follows. We also have a few tips that you can use in preparation. Read there here Learn more about it and benefit from it!

CLA negotiations

The current collective labor agreement expires on April 1, 2024 and I would like to be able to offer you a new collective labor agreement. We explore the topics informally to do some preliminary work. We will officially start negotiations for catering and inflight on Tuesday, January 16, 2024. Jan Zuidhoek will accompany me during the inflight as a collective labor agreement executive on behalf of De Unie. We will contact you at the beginning of December to discuss your wishes and ideas for the new collective labor agreement.

Catering conference 2024

It's still a long way away, but you can already put the date in your calendar. The next catering conference is on Monday, April 15, 2024. Although the program has yet to be created, we can imagine that attention will be paid to the collective labor agreement, industry developments and specifically to inflight.


If you want to respond to this message or want to get in touch, you can reach the representative Emanuel Geurts via 06-5252 2074 or via For individual advice you can contact my colleagues from the Service Center department via 0345-851 963, via email or the chat function We are happy to help you!

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