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Contract catering and hospitality: State of affairs and invitation

March 09 2022

The current Collective Labor Agreement for Contract Catering runs until 1 April 2022. In a number of rounds in January, February and March, we are working on a new Collective Labor Agreement with agreements for different groups of employees. The current employees who now fall under the Collective Labor Agreement for Contract Catering and (new) employees who work in contract catering and catering. This will then become the Collective Labor Agreement for Hospitality with a broader scope than the current Collective Labor Agreement for Contract Catering. In addition to discussions on the entire collective labor agreement, the social partners also simultaneously discuss the specific situation and employment conditions for the inflight branch.

Are you always immediately aware of the collective labor agreement negotiations? You can now do that for free!


After a number of rounds of negotiations, it is time to indicate where we are now. On 7 March 2022, employers and the trade unions discussed the employment conditions package for current employees in contract catering and (new) employees in hospitality. We are pretty much settled on the hospitality package. They work with an annual hours system and, on top of the wage increase in the catering collective labor agreement (3,4% and 2%), receive a plus package including higher travel costs, envisaged generation pact scheme of 80%-92,5%-92,5%, canceled of waiting day in case of illness and a lower contribution to social funds.

For current employees in contract catering, trade unions want freedom of choice to switch to the hospitality package. Employers did not want this, but now seem to agree. Employers also agree to a personal allowance for employees who make the switch to hospitality in order to compensate for the difference in employment conditions.

The current collective labor agreement will continue to apply to current employees in company catering who are not switching. What trade unions and employers are not yet in agreement on is the wage increase. Trade unions demand a higher collective wage increase for this group. Employers want the same collective pay increase for employees in contract catering and hospitality. We are also not yet sure about the duration of the collective labor agreement; employers propose a term of 21 months and trade unions want either an annual contract or 21 months, depending on the total package. We will continue to negotiate a new sector collective labor agreement on 14 and 21 March. A third round of negotiations is planned for the inflight on Monday, March 21, 2022.

Are you always immediately aware of the collective labor agreement negotiations? You can now do that for free!

If we cannot reach an agreement in the coming discussions, there is a real possibility that there will no longer be a sector collective labor agreement for contract catering and hospitality. Employers have linked the continued existence of employers' association Veneca to the realization of the collective labor agreement for hospitality.

Invitation Congress

The social partners are organizing the conference 'From catering to hospitality: moving forward together' on Monday 11 April. For this conference, we invite employees, employers and clients to talk about current developments in the sector and the renewed collective labor agreement. We are curious what you think about it? Do you work in contract catering or in the hospitality industry with a contract caterer? Then you are most welcome on Monday 11 April from 10.30 am – 17.00 pm in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. Participation is free of charge, you will receive lunch and drinks and your travel and parking costs will be reimbursed. It is also possible to request paid leave from your employer. Will you join us? Then sign up here quickly. Until then!

What do you think?

What do you think of the state of affairs in the negotiations for contract catering/hospitality and inflight? I, representative Emanuel Geurts, am curious about your opinion and input. I would like to receive it via my email address or mobile number 06-5252 2074. I'd love to hear from you!


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