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December 02 2020

The collective labor agreement negotiations have now started. All proposals have been explained and we have had the first exploratory talks. You can imagine here De Unie .

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Jos Baeten was also present during the last meeting to explain the state of affairs. He has also provided his explanation in various employee meetings.

An important topic is working from home and all matters related to it. Such as home working facilities and a home working allowance. Asr also wants to discuss the travel allowance. Other topics are wages and sustainable employability.

The conversations are online and are conducted in a good atmosphere. But we have not yet come together and have no agreement yet. The wages have not yet been discussed either. We hope that this will be discussed in the next meeting.

Next consultation

The next meeting will be on December 7 and December 17. It would be nice if we could reach an agreement this year.


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