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Arcadis: Negotiation result achieved

December 02 2022

We negotiated 6 rounds in good harmony with the employer about the conditions for a collective labor agreement for 2023. It was not easy. There is high inflation, high energy prices, tightness on the labor market and, at the same time, a competitive position and the continuity of a company that is important. All these aspects had to be taken into account. On Thursday 17 November, this led to a concrete proposal from Arcadis that could be submitted.

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The improved bid

On November 28, we presented Arcadis' proposal to the joint members' meeting, which made a clear call to improve the offer.
We discussed this together with the other unions during the consultation of
Returned December 1. Together with the employer, we looked for space and creativity to improve the proposal. Arcadis listened and improved the offer taking into account members' comments.

  • The term has been shortened from 18 to 15 months.
  • There has been a structural increase over time.
  • The one-off payment of 500 euros in 2024 has been changed to a monthly contribution of 50 euros per month in proportion to the employment for the entire year 2023.
  • It is laid down in the collective labor agreement that Arcadis also values ​​employee participation from the vakbondand and facilities are made available to guide the way to the vakbondand accessible to Arcadis employees.

The negotiation result

With your help we have achieved a good negotiation result. You can see the result here  read completely. De Unie is satisfied with this result. We therefore hope that you can agree to this.

To vote

The members have received an invitation to vote. This is possible until Thursday 8 December 2022.

We will announce the results of the consultation on 9 December.

This is the moment that you, as a member, have direct influence on the formation of your collective labor agreement. Non-members cannot vote. If you are not yet a member, but would like to vote, click here here  for more information about membership.

  • As a member you will receive a gift if your colleague indicates that he has become a member through you.
  • At Arcadis you can declare your membership in a tax-friendly manner, how you do this can be found on your intranet page.

Follow-up process

In case of a positive vote result, the new collective labor agreement will enter into force from October 1, 2023. If it is voted against, the parties will meet again on December 15 to discuss further steps.


You can contact us by sending an e-mail to or by calling 06-5252 2049.



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