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Agricultural and Green Sector; new BPL pension scheme is coming

May 31, 2024
Pension gap

We must all switch to the new pension system. There must be a new pension scheme, because there is a new pension law. The unions have negotiated a new pension scheme for BPL Pension with employers in the agricultural and green sectors. De Unie has made agreements. In June we ask our members to vote with a paid membership. We first organize a webinar to explain the agreements made.

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  • What does that mean for your pension with BPL Pensioen?
  • What changes? And what remains the same?
  • Do the rules apply to all accrued and incoming pensions?
  • When will something change?
  • Can I choose to remain in the current pension scheme?

We will answer all these questions and more in a webinar on June 3.

The changes therefore also concern the participants of the pension fund. This is a drastic process. Trade unions have negotiated this at length and intensively together with employers in the various sectors that are affiliated with the BPL. In the end we came out well. We have now reached the point where we have made agreements to switch to the new pension system. We call this the Transition Plan.

ApproveTransition plan

Before we can approve the transition plan, we need the consent of our members for paid membership. Become a member of convert your free membership now. You will then also be able to cast your vote on this agreement.

Read the draft transition plan here.

It is quite complicated because not everyone is concerned with his/her pension every day and what it will all mean. A lot remains the same, but then again it doesn't. We are transitioning from a system in which everyone takes care of everyone, to a system in which everyone gets their own money, but with a collective safety net. It is not easy to explain everything in a short piece of text. That is why we have organized a webinar to explain this. Make sure you are there, it concerns your income when you retire.

Register for webinar June 3

The webinar is on June 3 from 19.00:19.45 PM to approximately XNUMX:XNUMX PM.
Register here quickly to participate in this webinar.

In this webinar we will tell you about the negotiation result and the main features of BPL Pension's new pension scheme. This is for everyone who is building up or has built up a pension with BPL Pension. So both union members and non-members. The webinar is free, please register before June 3, 2024.
The current pension regulations, and therefore this transition plan, apply to the Agricultural and Green Sector. De Unie is actively involved in;
• Cattle improvement
• Horticultural seed cultivation
• Pig improvement organization

How further

After the webinar, members of De Unie with a paid membership the opportunity to express their opinion on the achieved negotiation result.

The advocates of De Unie involved in the sectors covered by the BPL Gerard van der Lit, John Kapteijn and Jan Admiraal.

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