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November 18 2022

On Thursday, November 9, 2022, the trade unions, HR and the COR of Aegon discussed the merger/acquisition, texts of the collective labor agreement & social plan and month of the vakbond. More about that below.

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Director HR NL Clim Parren gave us an explanation about the previously announced merger/acquisition and the staff meetings held in Leeuwarden and The Hague. The regulators and shareholders must express their opinion on this and Aegon's Central Works Council has not yet issued any advice. It is estimated that work on the merger/acquisition can actually be started from July 2023. There is (therefore) little information to provide about locations, integration effects such as changes or loss of positions and employment conditions. There will be harmonization with ASR's employment conditions. It is not yet clear how, the content and the timeline. The formal steps must be taken first.

Not all 3600 Aegon NL employees who fall under the collective labor agreement will join ASR. Approximately 600 employees will remain working at the Corporate Center and Asset Management will also be excluded. A solution will have to be found for those employees when it comes to their employment conditions from the current collective labor agreement and the social plan.

The first reactions from the employees are uniform in their surprise at the announcement. After that it varies a lot in emotion and ratio. There are those who find it very unfortunate that Aegon will eventually disappear as an employer and brand. They often have a somewhat longer employment contract with Aegon. There are also employees who take it a little less seriously and also find ASR a good employer. Although it is known that the Dutch market would (should) consolidate further, it was not expected that a large unit such as Aegon NL would be sold. The arguments for it are better understood after the explanations given. Because not much is known yet, most are not (yet) worried. There is, however, a broad need for new information.

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Trade union meeting

The three trade unions are organizing a digital meeting for Aegon members and employees on Tuesday, December 6 from 20.00:21.30 pm to XNUMX:XNUMX pm to discuss the merger/acquisition. We will discuss the formal procedures to be followed in these types of processes and express our expectations regarding the harmonization of employment conditions and the integration of business units. Our role as trade unions and the influence of members are also discussed. Members will receive a separate invitation for this. For Aegon employees who want to attend this digital meeting, the link to the meeting will be posted on the intranet.

Publication of collective labor agreement and social plan

The texts of the new collective labor agreement and the new social plan have returned from the translator and are ready for publication on the intranet of all Aegon entities. I, Emanuel Geurts (representative) expect this to happen this month. Of course you will also receive these new texts from me in a next newsletter.

Month of the vakbond

One of the things in the new collective labor agreement is that employees who are not yet members can experience for one year what it is like to be a member of De Unie or another trade union. This promotion will take effect as soon as the new collective labor agreement and social plan are published and you can register from that moment until 31 December 2022.

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I can be reached by email at and by telephone on 06-5252 2074. If you have an individual question or need advice, please contact our service center via or by telephone on 0345-851 963. We are happy to help you!



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