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Achmea: we are moving forward, but the finish line has not yet been reached!

November 24 2023

On November 23 there is with Achmea all day negotiated about the new high. Although de negotiations in good ambiance expired, is the progress unfortunately even limited. There is vespecially long spoken about the topic 'appreciate en reward'. In this message again an update.

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Where stand for us now?

  • Duration
    Starting point is still one new collective labor agreement with a duration of 2 year.
  • Loon
    Achmea heeft again a improved wage offer done. Proposed is to:
    – per 1 expectant de pay and increase pay scales by 5%, but by one bottom from 300 euros per month. This bottom from 300 euros takes care about this a elevation can dependent is yours Scale, riding a increases of 5% in Scale K to 11,1% in Scale C.
    – per 1 2025 is the elevation in the proposal 4%.
    On average, salaries are increasing with that by 11,5% in 2 year.
    beside maintains Achmea the voorstel to the maximums of Scale I, J and K te to increase with respectively 2,5%, 5% and 7,5%.
  • Retirement
    Achmea heeft committed de current pension plan intact too want to businesses till the introduction of new WTP scheme. About one number important Wtp topics as the kind premium scheme (Solidarity of Flexibility) Of premium and the implementation date would Achmea already appointments want to to make.
    Proposed is for one Flexible premium scheme (FPR) to to speak whereby Staff members yourself can not be purchased to decide how they their pension capital want to investing. Past Friday heeft Achmea indicated prepared te are to go out to go of a premium of 28%, with the possibility to – by one elevation of one's own contribution - also the fiscally maximale 30% premium in te lay. Thereby outbound of a starting date of 1 2026 in onder de condition that Achmea not extra compensation budget available states about this de abolition of the average system.
  • Working hours en working time
    We to have once again a attempt done Achmea te convince om Staff members that that to wish, More regie te give about their working hours and working time. Unfortunately even without result. This while from own research from Achmea turned out that correct Staff members can More than 34 hours working, more often than not More workload to experience. Ordered before Wed not surprise. This group (which is still best large is now force less too to go working seems us too not good plan. Mostly also because na our last newsletter us again many comments got that Achmea Select not real solution provides.
  • Others subjects
    In previous newsletter to have we already indicated Welke subjects even More discussed . This subjects are yesterday cannot More content to the order been.

What finds De Unie?

Ordered before ours is the outcome of the employees investigation the starting point about this this negotiations. The topic 'appreciate en reward' stayed clearly on a. Staff members how we can help your so this important. Achmea heeft again a improved bod done, but also this wage offer seems even inadequate around incurred structural backlog again in 2023 get it. If Achmea during de coming collective agreement period de general wage development wil stay volgen and also the incurred backlog good wil to make, then the percentages will still be iets up moeten.
We how we can help your it too 'complicated' that the elevation of 1 2024 bijna all the way 'nominal' is. Almost everybody gets namely 300 euros per month at, and that heeft a sterk leveling effect. Now we begrudge the lower peel all the way nothing, certainly cannotbut correct the so-called middle groups can not be purchased also called 'a support in the back' gebruiken.

It is good that there More clarity is coming about the new pension plan. Thereby to concentrate us now mostly on the height of premium (the determines after all about this the majority the outcome) and the manner upon which de abolition of average system is compensated. Achmea heeft to twice admit it voorstel about this de premium increased. With that are we always closer each other come. Also about the account of the compensation for the abolition of the average system to have we still not offer. About this talk we later further, after/outside the collective labor agreement consultation, because still there many calculations en of such moeten Worden made.

Large stumbling block seems still the discussion over working time en working time. Daar appear we Achmea cannot te can not be purchased convince and is even the how we can help your compromise is still far away.

How now further?

Ordered before De Unie is the important that we become one result can not be purchased com which can to calculate on a wide support base. We thinking that we as far even cannot are. Ordered before what the new pension plan concerns appear we'll deal with it each other out to can not be purchased com. The door Achmea commanded pay raise must, mostly by the 'skinny' appointments in 2023, another one broken better Worden. And about it topic working time en working time is the discussion even cannot rounded.

The consultation is going so still further. The next negotiations stand for planned about this 4 December expectant. Of course we will keep our members informed again.

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Are there asked questions of remarks, send than a message to the representative, Huug Brinkers, via email

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