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Achmea: Start collective labor agreement negotiations

June 15, 2023

Negotiations for a new collective labor agreement will start after the summer (end of September). After the disappointing outcome of the previous collective labor agreement negotiations and the necessary renewal of the pension scheme, this is another important moment. After all, it is about your future employment conditions.   

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The intention is that – as with the previous collective labor agreement negotiations – all employees will be given the opportunity to express their wishes and opinions. This will be done in the same way as in the last collective bargaining. Of course, confidentiality is guaranteed. Based on your opinion De Unie drafting a proposal letter for the new collective labor agreement. In addition to income, all other themes indicated by you as important will also be discussed again. It is expected that you will receive more information about this in a few weeks.

It is also planned that afterwards all employees will be given the opportunity to express their opinion on the outcome of the upcoming negotiations. We think this is an excellent development. After all, the previous collective labor agreement was not concluded without 'a struggle'. It is an open secret that there was not much support for the final result (members of De Unie did not agree at the time). The fact that Achmea did not accede to our request to 'break open' the collective labor agreement in 2023 due to the high inflation is also important for the upcoming negotiations. That is why it is good that all employees are once again involved in the collective labor agreement negotiations. The more employees speak out, the more Achmea will (have to) take this into account.

De Unie is clear on the latter. We only sign a new collective labor agreement if there is sufficient support for it. Employees deserve a good collective labor agreement and Achmea must remain an attractive employer. Not only for the current -, but also for any new employees.


We haven't been sitting still in recent months. Although the legislation was not final for a long time, the trade unions, Achmea and the pension fund have worked hard in recent months to prepare for the creation of a new pension scheme. This new scheme is necessary because the current scheme no longer complies with the new pension law.

The legislation is now final (the Senate has approved it). After all the preparatory work, decisions will have to be taken soon. Which arrangement do we choose (solidarity or flexible)? What will be the quality of the scheme (amount of the premium) and what will we do with rights already accrued (entry is 'default')? And what are the consequences/solutions for having to let go of the so-called average premium (now the same for everyone)? In short, important decisions need to be made.

De Unie urged to communicate quickly with employees and to allow all decisions to depend in part on the opinion of employees. After all, the fact that it is a complex matter does not mean that your opinion is not important. Members can expect more information about this in the coming weeks/months.


You can email your ideas for the new Achmea collective labor agreement. If you have any other questions or comments, please let us know at

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