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Achmea: There is still something to discuss…

October 24, 2023

The first collective labor agreement consultation for the new collective labor agreement took place on Wednesday, October 18, 2023. During this consultation, trade unions and Achmea explained their proposals. Shortly afterwards, Achmea also shared its own proposals with all employees. This has now led to a number of reactions, including on Achmeanet, and also to questions. What do you think? De Unie of Achmea's proposals? Therefore this short information.

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It is clear that, apart from all other topics, remuneration and pension have been mentioned by employees as the most important themes. That's what gets the most response.

We have also noted that on both topics there is still a considerable difference between our proposals (based on the outcome of the survey) and Achmea's current proposals. A difference that we will of course try to bridge during the upcoming collective labor agreement negotiations – which have actually yet to start.

Achmea has also indicated that their proposal is not a final offer and that there is room for negotiation. And that offers perspective. We believe that the 10% wage increase currently offered is not sufficient for a 30-month collective labor agreement, including a 'repair' of the very limited wage increases in the current collective labor agreement. Of course, we don't know yet whether we will ultimately be able to achieve a result that is acceptable to you.

What also offers perspective is that Achmea has committed itself to the outcome of an employee consultation, after a result has been achieved. This means that ALL employees may and may participate in decision-making. This consultation is not without obligation for Achmea. Achmea will therefore have to do everything it can to convince its employees.


It is good that the subject of pensions is part of these negotiations. It is not without reason that Achmea employees have this topic on the 2e place. And although the new (WTP) scheme will only come into effect in the long term, agreements must be made in a so-called transition plan in the short term. Not only about the choice of the new system and the like, but also about other important matters such as the amount of the premium. We have made our position clear and are opting for a good new scheme based on the maximum tax options. And we would like to arrange that now. So no collective labor agreement now and hassle about pension later. We prefer to arrange it all in one go.

Next negotiations

The current collective labor agreement expires on December 1, 2023. The next negotiations are scheduled for November 2, 7 and 23, 2023.


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