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Achmea: Cao survey

29 August 2023

Negotiations on the new collective labor agreement for Achmea will start in September. Achmea, De Unie and other trade unions have jointly agreed on the involvement of all employees in these negotiations. In the past period, various panel discussions have taken place in which the collective labor agreement themes have been inventoried.

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The next step in the research is a survey among all Achmea employees. The questionnaire was drawn up by independent research agency InnerVoice on behalf of Achmea, De Unie and other professional organizations. Participation in this survey is very important to us because the results determine the deployment of De Unie at the negotiating table.

The employees received an invitation for this survey from InnerVoice today. We invite you to complete the questionnaire. Once the final report with the survey results is available, it will be made available to all employees via Achmeanet. Of course we will also let you know how De Unie translates the research results into its commitment to the negotiating table.


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