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asr: Pension and Transfer of Companies Act

May 01, 2023

Article pension and the Transfer of Undertakings Act: In the previous message we discussed the possible consequences of a change of location and travel time. These are possible consequences of a transfer of undertaking and/or relocation of the workplace.

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In this message, we explain what happens with a pension in the event of a transfer of undertaking. This applies to Aegon employees who transfer to asr, to Aegon employees who stay (remainco) and to the small group of asr Assetmanagement employees who transfer to Aegon (AAM). But we can imagine that you have questions, which is why asr members also receive this information.

Transfer of company and pension

In short, with a transfer of undertaking (part of) a company is transferred to another company. This is done by means of an agreement, merger or division of an economic entity that retains its identity.

The consequence of a transfer of undertaking is that you will be employed by the other undertaking. In principle, the terms and conditions of employment will also be taken over. An exception to this applies to pensions. The law stipulates that if pension agreements (in the collective labor agreement) have been made, they do not have to be taken over. For example, if asr makes the same pension offer as for current asr employees or if they join an industry-wide pension fund (in the future). The latter is not an issue, but asr will soon be offering its pension scheme to Aegon's new employees. Naturally, the various pension schemes are discussed at the negotiating table. More about this in the newsletters about the merger of the terms of employment.

The Transfer of Undertakings Act also applies to employees who remain with Aegon (remainco). After all, just before the closing takes place on July 1, 2023, they will transfer from Aegon Nederland to a new personnel BV with the name Aegon Employees Netherlands (AEN). AEN does not have a pension scheme. The trade unions have made an agreement with Aegon Nederland that the collective labor agreement, social plan and pension scheme of Aegon will also be transferred to AEN. The employee participation body is still in talks with Aegon NL about the personnel schemes for AEN.

Nothing will change for the current asr employees who remain employed by asr, and therefore also not for their pension scheme at asr

Questions or remarks?

We can well imagine that you have questions about your personal situation as a result of this article. That can be a simple question or just want to tell your story. Then of course you can contact us, we are happy to listen and advise you! You can reach us between 08.30:17.00 and 0345:851 via telephone number 963-XNUMX XNUMX, e-mail or chat via

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