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asr: Aegon merger

October 16, 2023

Now that the merger has been completed, all Aegon employees have been employed by asr. Bee De Unie this means that Emanuel Geurts will hand over the baton to me, Harma Pethke. Harma has been representing the interests of asr for a number of years 

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In the meantime we heard the news from Leeuwarden. We are shocked by the bad news about job losses at asr Leeuwarden. Of course we knew that cost savings were coming. That was an important reason for the takeover. But we find it shocking that the news about job losses would come so soon after the formal transition!


We follow all developments closely. And inform our members personally. Clarity about this reorganization must be provided as soon as possible. This request for advice is currently with the works council. There will probably be more requests for advice in the coming period. Due to the takeover, two social plans now apply to employees until July 1, 2024.

If you have any questions or comments now, you can email me at

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