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Employment contracts

What is an employment contract?
What is a temporary employment contract?
What does the notification obligation entail?
What if my employer does not comply with the notification obligation?
My temporary contract states that it will not be renewed. Does this also apply as a notification requirement?
What is an employment contract for an indefinite period?
What contracts are there for on-call workers?
What is an on-call contract with a pre-agreement?
What is a zero hours contract?
What is a min-max contract?
As a temporary worker, do I also have an employment contract?

Non-competition clause

What is a non-competition clause?
What is a relationship clause?
Can my employer agree on a non-competition clause with me?
What can I do to get rid of my non-competition clause?
What is the difference between a non-competition clause and a ban on ancillary activities?


How much can I earn in my job?
What is the legal minimum wage?
Am I entitled to continued payment of my wages during my break?
Am I entitled to continued payment of my wages if I am not working on a public holiday?

Notice period

What is a notice period?
When does the notice period start?
I'm on probation. Do I have a notice period?
I have a temporary contract. Do I have a notice period?
I have a permanent contract. How long is my cancellation period?


What is probation?
I have a temporary contract. Can a probationary period be included?
I have a permanent contract. How long can the trial period be?
My temporary contract is being extended. Can a trial period be taken up again?
I first worked on a temporary basis and then got a direct contract with the client. Do I have a probationary period?

Reorganization and dismissal

I am redundant. What does that mean for me?
What is the reflection principle?
When is collective redundancy?
In what situation does the employer have to apply for dismissal from the UWV for me?
In what situation must the employer apply for dismissal from the subdistrict court for me?
What is instant dismissal?
What is consensual dismissal?


How many vacation days am I entitled to?
What are legal holidays?
What are non-statutory holidays?
When do my holidays expire?
Does my employer have to agree with my vacation application?
Am I entitled to ATV / ADV days?
I have a zero hours contract. Do I also accrue vacation days?

Leave arrangements

What is arranged for a doctor's visit and a dentist visit during working hours?
In addition to my work, I perform informal care tasks. Which schemes can I use?
What is emergency leave?
What is short-term care leave?
What is long-term care leave?
What is maternity leave?
What is parental leave?
Am I entitled to special leave?
What has been arranged if I want to take unpaid leave for free use?

Working hours

Where are the rules set about my working hours?
Can I work without taking a break?
Am I obliged to work on Sundays?
Is my travel time also working time?
How about overtime?
What can I do if I want to work part-time?

Illness and reintegration

Where can I find my rights and obligations during illness and reintegration?
Will I continue to receive my wages if I cannot work due to illness?
My employer does not accept my sick report. What can I do?
Do I have to respond to the call from the company doctor?
I have doubts about the advice of the company doctor. What can I do?
What is the risk if I do not want to have a conversation with my employer during illness?
What can I do if my employer and I disagree about the reintegration?

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