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Metalektro: Cao update

We hope you're doing well. Although our thoughts are unmistakably with the people affected by the terrible…

Metalektro: CAO and RVU texts

The time has come: the revised text of the Collective Labor Agreement for Metalektro has been completed and submitted to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. You can read the full text…

EPCOR: 2,3% less and no guarantees

Two weeks ago, an EPCOR meeting was held. We were informed in a very correct way about the situation in which EPCOR…

Cao Metalektro: There is a result

On July 14, the time had finally come, after a long time of campaigning, we can finally present a result! The word…

Start of ASML CA consultations

During the members' meeting of October 16, 2020, we reflected on the state of affairs regarding the upcoming ...

Metalektro: minimal progress CLA

On 7 October, we spoke with employers for the third time about a new collective labor agreement for Metalektro. Last time…

Hitachi: Major reorganization

On May 28, 2020, Hitachi announced a major reorganization. Both De Unie and its colleague unions, the works council (OR) and ...

IHC: New owners for Royal IHC

We had to wait a long time for it, but it was finally announced on April 30, 2020 that Royal IHC will be taken over by a consortium.…

Feedback consultation with VDL

On Wednesday, September 4, 2019 De Unie once again held consultations with the other unions involved about progress with VDL ...

Metalektro: Texts are ready!

Definitive collective labor agreement texts and rules of the game Generation pact finalized On 1 February 2019, there was an agreement in principle for the Metalektro collective labor agreement.

Metalektro: Agreement reached

Have the past period de Unie-members can vote on the collective labor agreement in principle agreement in the Metalektro. The vote ran until March 17, 2019 ...

Metalektro: Actions continue!

Last week, the FME accepted the invitation of the vakbondand to have exploratory discussions on how the ...

State of affairs Siemens Hengelo

This newsletter is about Siemens Hengelo. Even if you do not work at this location, you will receive this newsletter, so you can read what ...


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