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Dairy industry: pension collective labor agreement and collective labor agreement I and collective labor agreement HP

pension collective agreement

In recent months, the new pension collective labor agreement has been discussed. I can now report that agreements have been made with the employers regarding the pension collective agreement.

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Employees' organizations have indicated that we cannot view the pension collective labor agreement and the regular collective agreements separately from each other. After all, both are wages.

Pension experts have made the necessary calculations to see how the agreements about the new pension collective labor agreement will turn out. These calculations show what the results are when it comes to the accrued pension at the target retirement age. The main point is that older employees who have built up pension for a long time still achieve reasonable pension outcomes (pension and AOW together). This does not apply to many middle-aged and younger employees.

The calculations therefore also make it clear that more contributions will be needed to achieve a good pension result for a large part of the current and future employees in the dairy industry. Keep in mind that the results are not so much up to our Pension Fund, but are determined by the calculation rules of De Nederlandsche Bank that pension funds must adhere to.

Dairy industry Collective Labor Agreement I and Collective Labor Agreement HP

Negotiations on regular collective labor agreement I and collective labor agreement HP started on Friday 18 June. It is not yet possible to say when these negotiations will lead to a result. More information about this will follow.

In view of the upcoming holiday period, it is very well possible that the members' consultation will not take place until after the summer. This is to prevent holidays from making it impossible to visit the members' meetings.

As usual, the members determine whether an agreement in principle or a negotiation result becomes final. A majority of the members must then agree to the agreements made!


If you have any questions, please contact the representative, John Kapteijn, via or call 06-5252 2067.