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Health insurers: collective labor agreement and pension

In this message you can read about the start of the collective labor agreement negotiations and the course of the pension process.

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Collective Labor Agreement for health insurers

The current collective labor agreement for health insurers will still run on 1 October 2021. Time to negotiate for a new one. With the input of de Uniemembers I have our proposal letter made for the new collective labor agreement. On Monday 31 May, negotiations for a new collective labor agreement for health insurers started with an explanation of the proposals De Unie, other trade unions and employers. Monday 7 June 2021 we will continue to negotiate under external guidance. So to be continued soon!

Pension scheme

With the help of the 'calculators' of AON and the SBZ pension fund, employers and trade unions have explored the various options, pension models and returns for the participants. The postponement of the new pension law by one year gives us a little more time to discuss the choices to be made with each other. On the other hand, there is an urgency to do something about the low pension accrual for employees. Difficult, but we'll come up with a list.


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