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Housing services: collective labor agreement negotiations

On Wednesday, September 29, we started the process to arrive at a new collective labor agreement for Residential Services. Due to the temporary absence of Edith Werger, I (Emanuel Geurts) replace her in this process. In this newsletter an explanation of the first day, a request for your input for the new collective labor agreement, information about the generation pact and my contact details.

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Unlike usual, the kick-off was not with the letters of proposals, but with an extensive introduction to the four negotiating delegations and the process supervision. We got to answer questions such as: What drives you? What is your baggage and how do you see the world? The aim is to gain more insight into each other's motivations. Also have trade unions and employers their vision en Background information on the housing association sector. You will see with differences but surprisingly also many shared points.

Proposal letter

The exchange of proposals will take place on Monday 11 October. 's proposals De Unie are based on the employment conditions policy of De Unie and your input. I would therefore like to receive before Friday, October 8, 10.00:XNUMX a.m your suggestions via


After Monday 11 October, the next collective labor agreement rounds are scheduled for Tuesday 16 November, Wednesday 1 December and the last one on Wednesday 15 December. For example, we want to realize a new collective labor agreement for residential services for you before 1 January 2022.

Generation pact

The negotiations will discuss whether or not the Generation Pact will be continued and, if so, under what conditions? In order to provide clarity about the coming period, the parties to the collective labor agreement have made the following agreements with each other:

  • The Generation Pact for Residential Services will expire on 31 December 2021.
  • Nothing will change for employees who already participate in the Generation Pact for Residential Services, they will continue to participate in the scheme.
  • For employees who turn 1 before 2022 May 63, the following applies: to prevent a possible vacuum, employees who meet the criteria (1 years and older and a contract for an indefinite period) at the latest on 2022 May 63 can submit an application up to and including December 31, 2021 on the condition that the application period of four months is observed and that the application is effected no later than May 1, 2022.
  • If the Generation Pact for Residential Services is continued, applications can simply be honored after the expiry of those four months.
  • If the parties to the collective labor agreement do not make agreements on 1 January 2022 about the continuation of the Generation Pact for Residential Services, the employee's application will lapse.


If you want to respond to this newsletter or want to contact me about a collective matter, you can reach me via For individual advice you can contact my colleagues from the Service Center department via 0345-851 963, via email or the chat function