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UWV: Collective Labor Agreement consultation 25 November 2021

On Thursday 25 November 2021 we continued the collective labor agreement consultation. This time we mainly talked about the ideas of your employer.

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The agenda included the following topics.

  • 3e WW year
  • Retirement
  • Leave of absence
  • Exploration of the labor market allowance
  • Structural salary increase

Third year of unemployment

Almost five years ago, a collective private unemployment insurance policy was taken out with the PAWW Foundation, which is supplementary to the public provision. This insurance was agreed for five years and must therefore be taken out again. De Unie has indicated that we have no objection to an extension. We know from the PAWW Foundation that the premium can be reduced in 2022 from 0,4% to 0,2% of the salary (up to the maximum daily wage).


The pension fund has announced that an increase in the premium is necessary to be able to maintain the pension accrual at the same level. The collective labor agreement has a maximum premium of 20%, which must be increased to 22,7% of the pension base. In the previous collective labor agreement it was agreed that an increase in the premium will be paid by the employer and employees. The agreed division is that 2/3 will be paid by the employer. 1/3 of the extra premium, 0,9% of the pension basis, must be paid by the employees. The increase in the employee premium has consequences for your net income. And your employer points out the costs they already incur to pay the higher pension premium.

The other option we have is a build-up discount. You will then accrue less pension, which will affect you a lot in the future. De Unie considers good pension accrual to be important terms of employment. However, the choice for pension accrual does have consequences.

Leave of absence

In the past year, a study was carried out into the possibilities of modernizing the leave. Your employer has some ideas that they would like to discuss with the trade unions.

  • Save up to a maximum of 50 weeks. This is in line with the proposal of De Unie.
  • Including bereavement leave in the collective labor agreement. This is a sympathetic gesture. With a good employment relationship, you expect that the managers take into account a period of mourning and give employees the time to process a loss.
  • Trade in Good Friday for a diversity day. De Unie doesn't think this is a good idea. If the UWV would like to grant a diversity day, we will cooperate with this, but employees do not have to hand in a public holiday for this.
  • Continue the study into the options for modernizing leave in 2022.

The proposal of De Unie The UWV does not want to agree on a voluntary early departure scheme (RVU).

Labor market allowance

The UWV states that some positions are so scarce that the UWV cannot fill the vacancies at the normal salary scales or is very difficult to fill. This applies, for example, to various medical and IT functions. Your employer is looking for a solution in a temporary labor market allowance. A labor market supplement is a supplement above the maximum salary that the employer can grant temporarily.

Collective salary increase

At the collective labor agreement on 10 November 2021, your employer proposed a salary increase of 1,7% in a collective labor agreement for one year. In a two-year collective labor agreement, your employer proposes two 1,7% salary increases. In response to this proposal, De Unie indicated that they wanted a better wage offer. Inflation is much higher than 1,7% and, moreover, the employee contribution in the pension is going up.

Your employer has not made a new proposal. I, advocate Inge de Vries, have therefore indicated once again that we need a better wage offer for these collective labor agreement negotiations.


The next collective agreement meeting will be on December 1, 2021.


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