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UWV: collective labor agreement consultation

We started the collective labor agreement consultation on 10 and 11 November. We aim to have the collective labor agreement for 31 ready before 2021 December 2022. The UWV has proposed a 1,7% salary increase as an opening offer. This is too little. Below we explain why.


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Proposal letter

On the first day, all parties explained their proposal letter. The proposal letter of De Unie has been prepared based on member input and has been approved by our executives. In the explanation we emphasized that the salary increase is an important topic in these negotiations. Home working facilities are also important in order to achieve a result. We also drew attention to the increased workload.

Negotiation agenda

An agenda was then drawn up for the collective labor agreement negotiations. We have grouped the various proposals logically. Each negotiating day we discuss a number of specific topics.

On 10 and 11 November 2021, we discussed the following topics in terms of content.

  • New normal and home-working facilities/travel expenses for commuting
  • Salary, pension and labor market allowance

Salary and pension

De Unie asks for a salary increase of 1% as of 2022 January 4. With inflation at 3,4%, we have little room to negotiate. In addition, we also have to take into account the pension issue we face. The pension fund has calculated that the pension premium must be increased by 2,7 percentage points. Otherwise, the fund must reduce the pension accrual to 1,525%. De Unie proposed to pay the higher premium. But we do want to see how we can best divide the premium increase between employer and employee.

What does the UWV propose?

The UWV proposes to increase the salaries by 1,7% as of 1 July 2022. In fact, you will only improve by 2022% in 0,85. The pension premium must also be increased and the UWV wants you to pay 0,9 percentage point more pension contribution as of 1 January 2022. Your employer's proposal therefore means that you will only benefit a little bit in 2022.

What finds De Unie?

De Unie does not consider this a good starting point for the negotiations. We have asked your employer for a better offer.

In the UWV strategy 2021-2025, the UWV writes the following:

UWV as employer

UWV is a large employer and for the performance of its statutory duties,

qualified personnel from different backgrounds are needed. We offer content

challenging and very diverse work…

We will have to remind the UWV that qualified personnel expect an appropriate salary.

Work from home arrangements

Many members indicate that they want to have control over the division between working from home and working at the office. This is also in line with the UWV strategy 2021-2025. Your employer has included the following in it:

Involved employees

The organizational culture of UWV in 2025 is characterized by trust in craftsmanship

and the involvement of our employees. The employees take the initiative, pioneer

and improvise, show guts and lead by example.

De Unie is of the opinion that it is perfectly appropriate for the employer to entrust the employees that they can determine themselves where they work. But the UWV does not want to commit itself to this just yet.

We do seem to be able to make agreements about compensation for the furnishing of the home workplace.

Unfortunately, there is also bad news. Your employer wants to make the commuting allowance highly dependent on the way you travel. If you come by public transport, this will be reimbursed. If you come by car, you will only receive 9 cents per kilometer.

Next consultation

The next collective labor agreement meeting will be on 25 November 2021. We will then have a meeting in which we mainly focus on leave arrangements and issues of flex workers. But we will certainly also talk about the distribution of the pension premium, salary and other wage components.


De Unie is positive for the time being about the chance of reaching a negotiated result in time before the end of the year. Although we still have a long way to go, the parties treat each other with respect, so that the atmosphere in the negotiations remains good.


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