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Results of the NN group survey

March 2, 2021 follow-up CLA consultation NN

In the last collective bargaining meeting, NN Group has established that there is an impasse. The positions are so far apart that the parties cannot resolve the matter by normal negotiation of give and take. For trade unions this was a reason to return to the members first. It is important for us to know whether we are representing members correctly. We conducted this membership consultation in two ways. De Unie asked members (and their colleagues) to complete a survey and we conducted five member consultations.

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Result of the survey at De Unie

You can check the results of the survey here . De Unie is pleased that so many people took the trouble to complete this survey. This helps in determining the next steps in the collective labor agreement negotiations.

Report of the members' meetings

De Unie has held five online member meetings. In these members' meetings we were able to explain the background of the collective labor agreement consultations with the members. You can provide a summary of the input of the members here .

Survey conclusion

The employees generally support the vision of De Unie and not that of the employer.

  • They believe that NN is sufficiently successful and is able to also express the appreciation for employees in salary increases.
  • They believe that this should not be at the expense of the social plan.
  • They do not see a big difference between the position of NN and the other companies in the insurance sector.

In the survey, employees indicate that working from home alone has a negative effect on the cohesion of the organization, on the provision of information and mutual communication and on the well-being of employees. Employees find a working from home arrangement important, but certainly also clarity about their working conditions in the future. This is in line with the decision of De Unie to separate the negotiations about the working from home scheme from the collective labor agreement consultations.

Consultation 2 March 2021

De Unie the consultation starts with feedback to the employer of the survey and member meetings held jointly with the other trade unions. We want to make it clear to the employer that the employer's vision is not shared by NN employees. The employer will really have to let go of the zero line. We then want to work with the employer to see how we can resolve the impasse.


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