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Staedion: Extension of social plan

In this newsletter I, representative Emanuel Geurts, ask for your opinion on the extension of the social plan, your possible experiences with it so far and I give you my contact details.

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Request extension SP

Recently we have as vakbondand received a request from the management of Staedion to extend the previously concluded social plan (July 2019 – July 2021) until June 2022. We have been in contact with the Staedion works council about this and they are positive about this temporary extension of the social plan.

The social plan also included an agreement to evaluate this social plan. Partly due to changes in the management of Staedion, this did not happen. The appointment for the evaluation of the social plan will therefore be scheduled immediately in the first quarter of 2022.

Your opinion

At the time, the three trade unions received the unanimous approval of their members for the social plan. Although it is obvious that this will not suddenly change, I will formally ask you whether you agree with the granting of the social plan up to and including June 2022. Would you please before Monday, October 18, 2021 indicate whether you can find yourself in this? Members have already received an invitation for this.

I am also curious if you have experience with the social plan or if you would like to give me tips for the evaluation yet to be planned. This can be done via my e-mail address Due to the temporary absence of your permanent representative Edith Werger, I am replacing her in this process.


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