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Sitech Services: collective agreement


In the last newsletter (April), I, John Kapteijn, invited you to think about the proposals we could make for the upcoming collective labor agreement negotiations.


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After all, the collective labor agreement expires on 1 July. A first round is scheduled for Tuesday, June 29.

Consultation with executives

On Thursday 24 June I will discuss with executives what our approach should be. That is not a piece of cake: A number of things stand or fall with the future of Sitech Services. The view we have asked for several times. To date, Sitech Services has not offered any insight into this.

A look into the near future

Not only corona but especially the uncertainty about the future of Sitech Services has strongly influenced the previous negotiations. What was devised about 10 years ago for this service company is starting to show cracks: The shareholder who is also a customer; the customer who is also a shareholder.

At the end of the afternoon on Monday 28 June we were invited to come to Urmond. We will speak there as joint employee organizations at Sitech Services with the Supervisory Board (invited after Marc Dassen and Bert Keulen). It all seems to come together. As soon as more is known, I will inform our members and followers again.

Being member of De Unie

Under these circumstances, membership not only has advantages but is also of great importance. Legal expenses insurance is not on the table. You know that. But does your colleague also know? You can easily register via


If you have any questions or comments, please contact the representative, John Kapteijn, via e-mail or call 06-5252 2067.