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Rabobank: Report periodic consultation Rabobank September 2022

Op 15 september heeft De Union periodic consultation with the Rabobank had. This consultation had a volle agenda because there is really many te discuss† We is unfortunately cannot at subjects arrived because de discussion over collective labor agreement texts very many time heeft taken. The others subjects, in particular Rabo unions, Development budget en Caresheet to shove by to the next periodic consultation.

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Financial Healthier leven

We to have extended spoken about the role of Rabobank Building promote given by Staff members financial Healthier can not be purchased to live. This topic is on the order posed by the Union. We want to with this various goals to achieve.

  • De Union gets signals dat Staff members herself to care to make about the high energy bill, about the high inflation and about it risk to be in a debt situation te get. This topic Savage Union picking up† We want to Rabobank to move herself more active te worry about what's lives onder de Staff members.
  • One of the commercial core themes of Rabobank is Financial Healthier to live. We want to Rabobank to it remember dat same Zorg also to the employees may not be Worden commanded.

What provides de Rabobank now?

De Rabobank provides concrete help at Staff members who really in financial problems is touched† It is good that the bank does this doing. Staff members with financial to care can not be purchased cannot good Operate en to have specifically support required. But the appearance of this situation is certainly also important. The inflation is unexpected tot unprecedented height increased. Here would the Rabobank according to us sea with it can not be purchased do.

Follow-up consultation

De Union en Rabobank talk further about this topic op Tuesday 27 september 2022. We to have dit consultation conscious na Budget Day planned because the important is to go with nemen what the overheid doing around increased energy costs te limit. This planning is op outline known become. A price ceiling for energy in 2023 and extension of the energy surcharge. Our next step is with the Rabobank around panel to go and too discuss of this measures Enough connect at our target audience, Staff members of the Rabobank.

Rabobank heeft Moreover clearly made that it cannot a given is that the bank iets is going do. The Union may from the willingness om consultation te feed cannot de conclusion to pull that we a positive result to achieve.

Preparation for 27 september

For the conversation van 27 september to have we input from the January required. do you have it feeling given by cabinet plans you Enough moss offer? What would the Rabobank according to you can not be purchased do? The members of De Unie have received a response form for this.


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