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Rabobank: Result of collective agreement vote

Result of voting Rabobank collective labor agreement

The votes have been counted. The result of the vote is that a majority of the members of De Unie have agreed to the outcome of the collective labor agreement negotiations.

But the group that voted against is very large. And also among the voters quite a few members indicate that they are actually not satisfied with the structural salary increase.

Members opinion De Unie

Among the positive voters (approximately 55% of the total votes cast) you see reactions that vary:

  • “Very good result in my eyes, thank you!”
  • “Nice negotiation result if you look at the total of all points.”
  • “Wage offer is somewhat meager in view of current inflation. But the total package is neat.”
  • “But under protest about the own contribution of the pension.”
  • “Not really very happy with it, especially the salary increase is far too little.”

Among the members who voted against (approximately 43%) the most important trend is dissatisfaction with the structural salary increase and dissatisfaction that the employer's contribution to the pension has been reduced so much. Typical reactions are:

  • “Salary increase is partly offset by personal contribution to pension scheme.”
  • “Given the profit made, and the workload for staff, I find this offer not very respectful.”
  • “Wage increase not commensurate with inflation.”
  • "The salary increase by no means compensates for the lack in recent years and the loss of purchasing power."
  • “As long as Rabobank does not take into account a poll that has been signed by more than 9000 colleagues and does not grant us compensation……. then I vote against.”

Thank you for your commitment

During the negotiations, many people worked hard to achieve the best possible result. This is formally done at the negotiating table. But certainly also next to the negotiations, by exerting influence via Yammer, social media and in team meetings. The pressure that has built up there has certainly helped to force Rabobank to shake its wallet a little further.

Now on

It is of course a pity that the final result is not sufficient for more than 40% of the voters. But De Unie is a democratic association, the majority decides. We therefore hope that members who are now disappointed will support the agreement. And that I can also count on their involvement in the future.

Call to the employer

De Unie will point out to Rabobank on the basis of the result of this vote that the dissatisfaction among a large group of employees has not been resolved with this collective labor agreement. We call on Rabobank to enter into a dialogue with employees together with the trade unions. Before we can start the next collective labor agreement, De Unie that it is clear why employees do not feel valued or insufficiently valued.


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