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Rabobank: Half-year figures

The summer holidays are almost everywhere, most of us have already started work. Over the past few months, several of you have been in touch with De Unie . There were individual or legal questions, the Service Center of De Unie has answered these questions. It's great that we can also help in this way, if there are any questions, don't hesitate to ask them! The consultations with Rabobank have almost come to a standstill during these summer months. This will change in September.

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Rabobank half-year figures

On August 12, 2021, Rabobank published very positive half-year figures. A result of 2021 billion euros is reported for the first six months of 2,2. For your picture: this is almost the same as the full year result for 2019 (pre-covid-19). The prognosis for the second half of 2021 also looks rosy.

This is good news for the bank. Many employees are happy with this interim result, they have worked hard for it. Wiebe Draaijer, CEO Rabobank acknowledges this in the press release following the publication of the half-year figures: “We are proud of the efforts of all our employees, with all the challenges of the past six months. Thanks to all for their contribution and commitment.”

This half-year result deviates strongly from Rabobank's expectations during the collective labor agreement negotiations. At the beginning of 2020, we outlined a negative perspective for 2021 and beyond. Of course it's nice that things are now going so much better than the previously expressed expectations, but De Unie also looks at this result from a different perspective. The collective labor agreement has been concluded, in which the pitch-black prospects issued at the time played a major role. The fact that a wonderful half-year result is now being presented is great, but this does lead to questions.


If the annual figures for the whole of 2021 remain as good, we think it would be appropriate if Rabobank would do more than express gratitude. We will therefore closely monitor Rabobank's economic performance!

September calendar

The following meetings are scheduled for the month of September:

  •  6 September periodic consultation between employer/trade unions.
  •  September 9 and September 21 we talk about Pension, a difficult file in which major interests play a role.
  • September 13 consultation with the Board of the Rabobank Pension Fund.
  • 20 September start working group Study into new way of working. The Grow! is already hard at work

I, advocate Inge de Vries, will soon tell you more about what was discussed in the periodic consultations, and about the impact of the pension agreement.


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