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Rabobank and Obvion: Negotiation result for social plan, pension and severance scheme

De Unie, Rabobank and the other trade unions reached a negotiation result on 7 July about pension, social plan and severance pay as of 1 January 2021. Read the summary of the negotiation result below. In September we will continue the negotiations for a new collective labor agreement as of 1 January next.

Social plan

Because the organization will still be on the move in the near future, we have extended the current social plan by two years, including a few minor changes. One of these is that we have scrapped active mobility. It did not work properly. Partly in its place, we have made a separate departure arrangement. The wage supplement scheme from the active mobility phase will be retained in the social plan.

Departure arrangement

The departure scheme is a new instrument at Rabobank and Obvion that can contribute to the reduction of forced departure of employees during a reorganization. Just like the replacement scheme, the termination compensation has been set at 0,85 of the Rabobank transition compensation, including a guarantee scheme. The departure scheme can only be set by the management. read here  the full text of the severance scheme.


We have agreed on a maximum period of two years, aiming for virtually the same accrual premium of 1,7%, but with a lower employee contribution of 3,5%. In order to determine the consequences of the national pension agreement for the bank and employees, we have agreed to investigate this together with the fund and other stakeholders. After the parties have agreed, this research will start this year and will put options on the table for collective labor agreement parties.


We explain this negotiation result with a positive opinion to the members for. The members have received an invitation to vote. The assessment process of the Rabobank Pension Fund also runs at the same time as the voting period. If both are positive, there will in any case be a new pension scheme, social plan and severance scheme from 1 January 2021.


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