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Rabobank: The first talks are over

On Tuesday September 15th and Wednesday September 16th De Unie, Rabobank and the other trade unions picked up the thread again with the negotiations on a new collective labor agreement as of 1 January 2021. With this membership letter we inform you of our first steps towards your new employment conditions package. Negotiations on a new pension scheme, social plan and severance scheme were completed before the summer. Negotiations are going digitally again for the time being.

Working on the couch or from home?

On Tuesday we received a presentation from Kim Teunis of HR about the future of work after corona. The bank wants to conduct a pilot with three departments in which employees will try out different work patterns. For example, there is a work pattern only from home, hybrid forms and only in the office. The pilots are expected to last until the first quarter of 2021. Our response to this was that it is good to investigate matters, but employees expect that we now arrange things for them.

Financial (im) possibilities

CFO, Bas Brouwers, provided us with an explanation of the half-year figures and a preview of 2021 for the bank and the European economy. No story to make you happy because of corona. The benefit of the reduction in costs has disappeared with the reduction in revenues. But it is also not the case that there is no room for a new package of employment conditions. What that space is exactly and whether this is sufficient for the required package is not yet clear.

Priorities tied

The trade unions have again critically reviewed their commitment letters and drew up one joint list of priorities for the new collective labor agreement. We have explained subjects such as cooperative collective labor agreement, remuneration, working from home, sustainable employability and the fixed-flex ratio to the bank. These are the subjects on which the trade unions would in any case wish to make further agreements with the bank. But we also include other collective labor agreements and the results of employee participation in our discussions.


We have 8 October, 27 October, 9 November, 26 November and 10 December next to further negotiate the collective labor agreement. We also try to organize employee participation on that data. For example, with a digital walk-in consultation hour aimed at a specific part of the bank or open but with registration in advance. But we also keep you involved in other ways.


If there is a reaction to this member letter or if you would like to contact us about a collective matter, please contact us via emanuel.geurts@unie.nl or via telephone number 06-5252 2074. For individual advice, my colleagues from the Service Center department can be contacted via 0345-851 963, via e-mail sc@unie.nl or the chat function www.unie.nl. We are happy to help!