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Rabobank: CLA, pension and Obvion

Tuesday, October 27 De Unie, Rabobank and the other trade unions also discussed a new collective labor agreement with effect from 1 January 2021. In this member letter, an update on this, but also attention to pension and the state of affairs at Rabobank subsidiary Obvion.

CLA negotiations

It was our turn to make a proposal about this round of negotiations working from home en employability. With the good input of the members and employees, we made the bank our proposal about working from home. This includes points that have to do with the work / private balance, health and safety, workplace and compensation. The bank will come back to this with us.

We have received figures on the development budget. 71% of employees made use of the development budget in 2017 and over 76% made use of the development budget in 2018. The 2019 budget can still be spent at the moment, but here we see a significant decrease. Until 1 August this year, 32% of the 22.500 Rabobank employees have made a claim on it. We want to make agreements with the bank about the unused portion of the development budget. In addition, we made a proposal to the bank about a higher development budget, time to develop and a longer spending period. The bank takes the points with it and returns to us on employability.

Follow-up and digital participation

We have November 9, November 26 and December 10 to further negotiate for a new collective labor agreement as of January 1, 2021. We will also organize a digital walk-in session with advance registration on those dates. During a walk-in session, it is explained what the CLA parties are talking about and there is the opportunity to ask questions about this.

The three trade unions are also organizing two joint digital meetings on collective bargaining. On Wednesday 11 and Thursday 12 November from 19.30 pm to 21.00 pm, members and Rabobank members who are friends or followers of the RaboBonden can participate via MS Teams. View the invitation via and / or register with your email address from Rabo or Obvion via https://lnkd.in/e4mgArD.


After reaching a negotiation result in July, an agreement has now also been reached with the Rabobank Pension Fund on adjustments to the pension scheme for 2021 and 2022. On the website of the pension fund you can read more about this here.


Friday, October 30, 2020 De Unie Together with the other trade unions, we had a digital consultation with CEO Carlo van Kemenade, HR manager Rob Senden and Works Council members Daniël de Vries and Danny Huijnen about the state of affairs at Rabo daughter Obvion.

Management indicated that an employee survey shows that more than 90% work at home satisfied. There is, however, a great need for compensation for working from home and workplace supplies such as a headset and WiFi amplifier. The Works Council also confirmed this pressure from the employees. After corona, Obvion wants to work from home for a few days and work at the office for a few days to bond with each other. It has not yet been determined exactly how that ratio will be.

Absenteeism at Obvion went from 2,8% in April to 3,5%. The nature of absenteeism is also changing slightly due to working from home and corona. HR manager Rob Senden is taking this further with Obvion's new health and safety service.

Compared to 2018, Obvion has doubled its production in 2020 to approximately 5 billion, with the current workforce. Carlo van Kemenade, chairman of the board, also sees opportunities in the market for further growth to 7 billion. The ambition is also to achieve a cost level of 20 basis points by 2024/2025 through further digitization.


If you want to respond to this member letter or want to contact me about a collective matter, you can reach me via emanuel.geurts@unie.nl or via my telephone number 06-5252 2074. For individual advice you can contact my colleagues from the service center department on 0345-851 963, by e-mail sc@unie.nl or the chat function on this website. We are happy to help you!