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Periodic consultation Obvion

This message is about the state of affairs at Rabo daughter Obvion.

Friday, May 29, 2020 De Unie Together with the other trade unions, we had a digital consultation with CEO Carlo van Kemenade, HR manager Rob Senden and Works Council members Daniël de Vries and Danny Huijnen.

Discussion points for management and HR
The corona crisis has made everyone work from home. Obvion has facilitated the employees by providing equipment and workplace supplies. This went quickly and to the satisfaction of the employee. So compliments!
De Unie has asked Rob Senden to pay attention to the working conditions of the home workplace, as the current corona situation may persist for a while and perhaps lead to a permanent mix of home and office work. Rob takes this point into account.
Management uses surveys to monitor whether employees have been sufficiently informed about developments at Obvion. Employees indicate that they are very involved but miss mutual contact. The employee satisfaction surveys are now anonymous instead of by name.
Absenteeism due to illness fell further to about 2,8% in April 2020. De Unie has drawn attention to the support of sick employees during corona time. HR manager Rob Senden will pay attention to this and drew on this by indicating that Obvion is switching to a different health and safety service in order to receive better services.
Obvion has so far achieved its commercial targets by 2020. 40% more mortgages were taken out compared to a year ago. Employees are now working for that. Carlo van Kemenade also sees opportunities to adjust the ambitions of the objectives upwards, including the required staffing.
HR and Obvion's Works Council are both involved in the negotiations for a new collective labor agreement, pension scheme and social plan as of 2021. Rob Senden will take a closer look at the internal communication about the negotiations.
The next appointment will be with the management, HR and Works Council delegation on Friday 25 September 2020.

Works Council
Daniël and Danny updated the trade unions about the upcoming Works Council elections. Due to the corona crisis, it was no longer possible to physically hold the planned elections in April at the office in Heerlen. Digital Works Council elections have now been organized from Monday 22 to Tuesday 30 June. The new Works Council will be installed on 1 July 2020. The trade unions wish the candidates a good digital campaign!

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