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NN group: Report CLA consultations October 27, 2020

Developments collective labor agreement consultations

De Unie has informed the employer prior to the collective labor agreement consultation what the members consider important:


  1. Structural salary increase
  2. Improvement of the performance management process
  3. Agreements related to working from home
  4. Remaining sustainable employable at NN
  5. Retirement

We have further elaborated our proposals under these main topics.

In the meeting of 27 October 2020, your employer responded to the proposals of De Unie.

Structural salary increase

On this is already earlier replied that NN is sticking to the zero line with a one-year collective labor agreement. NN may see scope for a multi-year collective labor agreement, we will discuss this on 18 November 2020.

Improvement of the performance management process

Performance management is the set of agreements on the basis of which your assessment is made, and which determine how high your individual salary increase is. The performance management system has been changed in the current collective labor agreement. We want to evaluate the new system. We receive comments from the members about two parts of the performance management system.

  1. Managers do not seem to have or feel the scope to accelerate the growth of employees who are already professionally mature but still low in the salary scale to the maximum salary.
  2. The goals against which employees are assessed should be agreed between managers and employees, this often goes well. But we are also approached by members whose goals appear to have been set by dictation. Especially when unrealistic goals are imposed, this is an unpleasant situation for those involved.

There was a good discussion about performance management in the collective labor agreement consultations, but we have not decided yet. This topic will continue in the next consultation De Unie be put back on the agenda.

Agreements related to working from home

De Unie wants to make agreements about support for employees working from home, facilities, health and safety, mental and financial. Your employer links this to agreements about the travel allowance (and possibly the lease arrangement).

The overall subject is partly part of agreements made in the CLA and partly part of agreements made with the COR. Trade unions, COR and employer must therefore first coordinate the division of tasks.


De Unie has made some proposals under this theme:

  1. Making workload manageable; there is no negative reaction to this.
  2. Career advice; your employer considers it important that the resources for employability are well spent. According to De Unie professional career advice can help with this.
  3. Generation pact, 80% work, 90% salary, 100% pension from a certain age; your employer indicates that he has difficulty with this proposal because it is not to the advantage of all employees, but only for a limited age group. The next step could be that De Unie the proposal translates into an age-independent scheme. Your employer has indicated in the consultation that it considers Vital working longer to be an important theme.


Members of De Unie are concerned about their pension accrual. The pension fund implemented an accrual discount in 2020, and this will probably also be the case in 2021. Low interest rates persist and this is causing problems for almost all pension funds in the Netherlands. De Unie considers it important in the first instance that employees are well informed about the consequences for their accessible pension and about additional savings options. We also want to investigate with NN whether there are solutions within the current pension scheme.

The consultations about pension have been postponed to November 18 when we investigate the option for a multi-year collective labor agreement.


November 18, 2020 is the next collective labor agreement consultation

Month of the vakbond

November is the month of the vakbond at NN. Your employer encourages membership of trade unions by giving colleagues who join in November a free membership as a gift. De Unie wants to agree in these collective bargaining negotiations that from now on NN will financially compensate employees who are members of a trade union for this (not just the new members). We believe it is important that the efforts of those who have made the work of trade unions possible for many years are recognized for this.

But we are not that far yet, and for De Unie it is important that we grow. The greater the number of members, the heavier the mark we can put on the negotiations. Are your colleagues interested and not yet a member of De Unie? Then forward this message to them.


Do you have any questions regarding this message or do you have information that you are using De Unie want to share? Please contact us by e-mail: or by telephone: 06-5252 2091.