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NN Group: Report of members' meetings October 2021

Together with the other trade unions, we have had consultations with the members in recent weeks regarding the suspension of the collective labor agreement negotiations. I, advocate Inge de Vries, was able to exchange ideas with many members during online member meetings. In addition, many members have also expressed their opinion by e-mail.

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I have asked the members to give their opinion on the progress in the collective labor agreement process. Now that we have found that we are unable to negotiate, it is important that members let us know what they want:

  • Adjust the proposals of the trade unions for the new collective labor agreement


  • use pressure to persuade the employer to adjust the position taken.

Outcome member consultation: employee petition

The outcome is clear: of the members who have expressed their opinion, approximately 95% choose to use pressure. Less than 5% think that the trade unions should adjust their efforts.

During the member consultations, it was discussed which means of pressure are appropriate for an organization such as NN. I have discussed these ideas with the other trade unions and we have chosen to start an employee petition. We would like to present this petition to the leadership of NN. We will start this petition next week. You will receive a separate message about this. It is of course important that the petition is distributed as much as possible among your colleagues.

Outcome of the members' consultation: objective information

In the members' meetings, there was a lot of demand for objective information. Members indicated that they were motivated to enter into a conversation with colleagues, but would like to have objective information to substantiate their views. This is a valid request. We will start sending this information early next week.


De Unie differs with NN about the collective labor agreement. We have decided to continue the pension consultation. The end date of December 31 of this year forces the parties to reach an agreement quickly. NN is also motivated to ensure that a pension scheme is in place on 1 January 2022. It is encouraging that, despite the differences of opinion, we do manage to find each other on this important issue.

Trade unions and NN have been able to formulate a temporary solution. Consultations are still taking place with the board of the pension fund. We depend on the pension fund's willingness to implement the temporary scheme. If we have the green light from the pension fund, De Unie present the temporary arrangement to the members.


Do you have any questions regarding this message? Please contact me. You can reach me by sending an email to or call: 06-5252 2091.