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NN Group: Report on collective labor agreement consultation 22 June 2021

On June 22, 2021 De Unie discussed your terms of employment with NN again.



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Conversation topics

Social plan costs

Two topics were discussed, firstly the costs of the social plan. NN finds the current social plan too expensive compared to the social plans of other companies. De Unie recognizes that NN's social plan is relatively expensive, but we also believe that this can also motivate the employer to internally redeploy redundant employees to vacancies.

Trade unions have requested further information in order to be able to assess where the money spent on the social plan is spent. NN has provided the requested information. In the meeting of 22 June 2021, NN explained the figures in detail. De Unie must now assess whether the figures give cause for adjustments to the social plan or whether there are other ways to reduce the costs of reorganization.

Individual salary increase

The second topic concerns the individual salary increase. De Unie has indicated in the proposal letter that we do not find it acceptable if employees who have been professionally mature for a long time (many years of experience in their position) are paid low in the scale. This topic was discussed on 22 June. We have requested information in order to form a good picture of the extent of this problem. This information was provided by NN on 22 June. De Unie must now assess what a suitable solution would be. One of the options is to adjust the method of individual increase in assessment. This allows employees who are at the bottom of the salary scale to grow faster. But there are also other methods to reduce the pay gap.

Collective salary increase

De Unie has proposed to collectively increase the salaries and salary scales by 3% under a collective agreement with a term of one year. This proposal has been adjusted to 2,25%. An agreement to improve the individual salary increase is important, but cannot replace the demand for a collective salary increase, which is in everyone's interest. Especially now that inflation is rising, 2,25% collective salary increase is an important goal.


The parties to the collective labor agreement have agreed to commission a working group to prepare the discussion about pensions. Executives, pension experts, representatives of the employer and trade unions participate in this pension working group.

Event Agenda

We will have a next collective labor agreement meeting on Thursday 8 July 2021. This is probably the last meeting before the summer holidays.


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