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NN Group: Pension plan

Pension working group continues work

Recently, I, advocate Inge de Vries, informed you that De Unie has suspended the collective labor agreement negotiations, but that we will continue to discuss pensions with NN. This consultation takes place in the pension working group.

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Challenge pension workgroup

The current pension scheme will expire on December 31, 2021 and a new scheme must therefore be agreed in the short term. In 2018 it was expected that after a pension scheme with a term until the end of 2021, we would be able to transfer directly to the new pension system. This is not possible due to delays in the legislative process. The details of the new pension system will not be ready until 01.01.2023 or 01.01.2024. We therefore have to bridge a period.

bridging arrangement

The working group is investigating the possibility of continuing the current scheme as much as possible. This was not our wish a year ago, as the members are not satisfied with the accrual discount in the current scheme. But over time, it will be very difficult to carefully work out another option that could go into effect on January 1, 2022.

Another option could be to agree on an IDC plan now and find a different solution for the pension built up in the CDC pension fund. However, we have little time for such a radical adjustment.


The NN CDC fund will also be involved in the talks. If the current arrangement continues after December 31 of this year, the NN CDC fund will be the logical executor. Unfortunately, consultations with the pension fund are difficult. For example, the pension fund does not want to talk about the concrete possibility of investing less money in the buffers and more money in pension accrual.


The agreements in the Pension Agreement will apply from 2023 or 2024 and a lot will change. Pension is a complex subject and it is a complicated puzzle to draw up a future-proof pension scheme. The pension working group must gather information, calculate scenarios, investigate various options and weigh up interests in order to arrive at sound agreements.

Event Agenda

October 11, 2021 consultation with CDC pension fund board
14 October 2021 pension working group consultation


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