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NN Group: Is there progress in the collective labor agreement consultation?


The collective labor agreement negotiations have been suspended in 2021 because the views on collective salary increases of the trade unions on the one hand and the employer on the other are so far apart that it is not realistic to continue negotiations. To substantiate that De Unie is not speaking on behalf of itself, but on behalf of a broad group of employees, a petition has been organized.

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The joint trade union petition was signed by 2.373 NN employees. We presented this petition to the management of NN Netherlands at the end of 2021. In the conversation with Leon van Riet and Tjeerd Bosklopper, the collective labor agreement and the important wish of trade unions (on behalf of the employees) to agree on a collective salary increase were discussed.

Informal consultation

We are informally exploring with NN's negotiating delegation whether it makes sense to reopen negotiations. We only think it makes sense if there is a real chance that we can conclude a good collective labor agreement for you. NN can offer limited scope for collective salary development. We also include other important topics in the exploration, such as the social plan and pensions. We want to close the informal phase before 1 February. After February 1, 2022 you can get more information from De Unie looking forward to.


Pension is an important employment condition. Due to the low interest rate and the fixed premium of 30%, the pension fund has to apply an accrual discount and indexation is limited or absent. Many members have indicated that they are dissatisfied with the pension scheme. For this reason it was also decided to continue the consultations in the Pension working group, despite the suspension of the collective labor agreement negotiations.

Pension communication

The Pension working group has drawn up a survey. You will receive this on Thursday 20 January 2022. I, representative Inge de Vries, ask you to complete this survey because you help the working group one step further.


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