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NN Group: NN collective labor agreement suspended again

NN Group and the trade unions have been discussing the new collective labor agreement for a year now. Unfortunately, we have had to conclude that there is no prospect of reaching a solution in close consultation with each other. We remain deeply divided on the subject of collective salary increases. De Unie wants a reasonable collective salary increase, as we have also agreed with the other insurers. NN sticks to the zero line.

Stagnation means decline

Inflation in the Netherlands is rising. So every year you don't get a collective raise, your net income goes down. Inflation according to Statistics Netherlands for 2021 in the Netherlands is approximately 2,5%, inflation in the Eurozone has been showing a strong upward trend throughout the year and is already at 3%.

NN's arguments for not increasing salaries are very general. With the same arguments, 2022 and 2023 can also become a year of standstill for employees.

What does NN want to negotiate about?

NN Group offers the space to allow employees to grow faster through the salary scales. This is important for employees who are still at the beginning of their salary scale. This concerns a large group of employees, so this is an important part of the consultation on terms and conditions of employment.

But in a collective labor agreement you want to agree on attractive topics for all employees. And that's where the consultation ends.

Other topics we can discuss are pension and social plan. These are also important topics. However, we cannot agree on improvements here, we are working to preserve as much as possible what we have.

As far as NN is concerned, training is also a point of attention in a new collective labor agreement. The current collective labor agreement has a broad arrangement for this, which we would of course like to continue.


The executives of De Unie discussed the state of the negotiations. The conclusion is that there is too little on the table to continue the negotiations. Without a collective salary increase, we think the result is too meager to present to the members. The trade unions then jointly decided to suspend the collective labor agreement consultations for the time being.

What now?

Trade unions have canceled the consultation on September 28, 2021. We first want to talk to the members about how we can put more pressure on the consultations to achieve that structural salary increase.

Other appointments will continue for the time being. In particular, the important pension file De Unie please resolve the matter in close consultation with NN. You will receive a message about the pension consultation shortly. There is also a lot going on there.

What can you do

Discuss with colleagues whether they are also members of De Unie want to become. If we can show NN that many employees support us by joining, we make a strong impression. You can become a member here .

Member meetings

Membership meetings will be held on the dates below. Come to the members meeting! Members have been invited to do so.

  • Friday September 24, 2021 – 16.00 p.m. – 17.00 p.m.
  • Tuesday, September 28, 2021 – 13.00 -14.00
  • Tuesday, September 28, 2021 – 19.00 p.m. – 20.00 p.m.
  • Monday, October 4, 2021 – 16.00 p.m. – 17.00 p.m.


Do you have questions regarding this message, or do you have information that you are using De Unie want to share? Please contact the representative Inge de Vries by e-mail: inge.de.vries@unie.nl or call 06-5252 2091.